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Donate your vehicle to the Goodwill of Greater Washington

Donate your vehicle to the Goodwill of Greater Washington now!If you've come to a point in your life where you can't use or don't see further use for a vehicle, then it's time to ask yourself what you'll do with it. You could easily go ahead with the usual trade-in process and haggle with dealers. You could also put your car up for sale yourself and deal with knocking or calling strangers. Or, you could avoid all that. You could donate your car. Yes, “donate” and “your car” in one sentence, in that order. Seem a bit odd? Well, it probably shouldn't.

In fact, and if anything, donating cars in a goodwill fashion has gained quite the following. Especially in heavily populated cities, such as Washington D.C., there are a great amount of people who are in need of a vehicle. If you just consider the amount of individuals who are unable to support themselves or a family because they're unable to drive around on their own then you'd be able to, hopefully, sympathize with them and turn your car over to them.

Donate your vehicle to the Goodwill of Greater Washington now!

Just consider the benefits involved. You help yourself out by getting rid of a car or truck that you don't use, or don't plan on using. But, also, you provide others with a way to get around, all while changing their lives monumentally in the process. But, also, you get a tax advantage here; since Goodwill is an industry that is IRS-approved, you can receive a tax deduction. So, if you been asking yourself if donating your car is a good idea, just know that it most certainly is.

Donate your car to the Goodwill now

Donate to Goodwill

This donation will helps us to provide Non-Profit Organizations with everything they need to continue to help people. Why don't you become a part of something great today?

Donate your car to the Goodwill now

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