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Donate your vehicle to Goodwill Industries Of The Southern Piedmont

Donate your vehicle to the Goodwill of Southern Piedmont now! That vehicle you've been driving for a few years has now become no use to you. You may want a new automobile, or, for whatever reason you're unsure of what to do with this vehicle. Ask yourself one question - why not give it to charity? It might seem a bit questionable, but realistically, it isn't. Giving cars to charity has become as commonplace as donating money and used goods.

So,now that you know what to do with that idle vehicle. And, especially if you're living anywhere near the Charlotte, North Carolina area, you can lend a hand to those who need it most, which is even more necessary these days.

Donate your vehicle to the Goodwill of Southern Piedmont now!Hopefully you now realize that handing over your car to charity is the best route to take. The benefits are undeniable. And what's even better is the tax benefit of donating your vehicle. Goodwill is an IRS-approved industry, you will receive a tax deduction, all simply by donating your car or truck. So, don't let that car just sit there, unused and unwanted. Give it to those who want it, need it and will use it to improve lives.

Donate your car to the Goodwill now

Donate to Goodwill

This donation will help us to continue helping people. Why don't you become a part of something great today?

Donate your car to the Goodwill now

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