Car Donations Virginia – What Happens to My Car Donation?

When you donate a car it is with the hope that it will help someone in need, depending on where and when you donate your car you may be able to specify where it goes, such as in the case of the Haiti earthquake many of the cars donated during that time period ended up down there. When you have car donations in Virginia through Charity Dispatch your car will end up in a number of different charities, such as the Red Cross.

From there your car donations in Virginia may stay local and go to people in the area that may need a car to take their sick kids back and forth to the doctor or may need a car for job searching. In some cases such in the case of natural disasters cars may be pooled from all over the country to go to the area of the disaster, for instance a hurricane to help people get back on their feet and back to a normal life.

Charity Dispatch will help your car donations in Virginia get to a place where they can be of the most help.

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