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Government Giving Non-profits a Wide Breadth

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There are bound to be many changes when a new administration takes over in the White House and in 2009, those changes are sure to be pronounced. Business will typically be affected in a big way, especially those that rely upon the government for some sort of support. While it is true that places like Goodwill Industries don’t rely on the government for everything, they do benefit when the government makes laws and regulations that give donors freedom.

So how will the new president and his team look at non-profit organizations? His stance on public service and good works has been pretty clear thus far. He is advocating giving back to the community as a means for the nation to come together, so it would follow that his laws would reflect that dedication. This means that you will probably not see any more government action that limits car donation. Since vehicle donation is the primary means by which many of these companies exist, it is very important that no more government strain is put on it.

You won’t see the government opening up any loopholes, either. Fiscal responsibility is important right now and when you donate a car to charity, you are only going to be able to claim its actual value. Don’t be surprised if the government does something to help promote this and give the charities a boost, though. If I were to donate my car, I would want to know that my kind act is being rewarded in some way. With the laws and rules concerning tax write-offs, this has never been more important.

How exactly the auto donation market will be influenced by the new administration remains to be seen, but if everything President Obama has been saying is true, there is reason to expect that things will be promising in that regard.

Considering the Alternatives to Vehicle Donation

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Like most smart people, when I have a major choice, I like to look at all of the alternatives. I like to consider the pros and cons of my decision and make the best choice from that information. When I think about donating a car to charity, it is worth considering some of the alternatives there. After all, charitable giving has its benefits outside of pure monetary value, but I want to make sure I am being financially responsible, as well.

The charitable organizations out there like Goodwill Industries have taken great care to educate people about all of the choices. Though they might sometimes present only one side of the information, the facts are still relevant. The thing that you must know about the car industry is that you can’t get much value for a trade-in. This is one of those alternatives to car donation that people sometimes consider. Know that trading in a car will get you a discount on your new purchase, but not much more than that.

Another alternative to charitable vehicle donation is selling the car yourself. As you might know, selling a vehicle can be time consuming and it can cost money. You have to spend money to fix up the car a little bit and you have to spend valuable time to meet with prospective buyers and file away paperwork. When you donate your car to charity, you are putting all of that burdensome work on someone else. They will take care of the difficult part for you, leaving you free to do whatever it is that you do to bring home an income. This is major part of vehicle donation that people don’t consider nearly enough. When you add in the fact that charities pay to have the vehicle processed from your home, it makes the decision a no-brainer in many instances.

Charities Report Only Slightly Diminished Returns in 2008

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While the rest of the world has been struggling to near death levels in an economic sense, charities seem to be actually doing moderately well. Though last year they suffered a letdown over 2007 and previous levels, places like Goodwill Industries faired better than most for-profit businesses in the market. That is a good thing, too, as the work for charities amps up when economic times are not as good. So what was the reason for their continued relative success? In this case, it was a focus on more lucrative vehicle donation.

Instead of targeting small donors who could give a little, the charities set their sights on large donors who could afford to give a lot. People chose to donate a car at a high rate, something that may have surprised many analysts who looked at the market. The problem, of course, is that people typically shy away from auto donation and all forms of donation when times get tough. Last year the charities did something a little bit different, though. Instead of simply asking for handouts, they went out and showed individuals how donating a car could actually help them financially.

If you donate your car to charity, you can save a ton of money on your tax return. This has been especially good for people who are self employed, as those savings are essential to their survival. What the organizations noticed was that people had a bunch of cars around their home that they had no use for. They reported that the donations for auto parts and scrap metal were higher than usual, giving them more stuff to try to sell on the open market.

Though you might not have expected it, charitable giving has remained high, and much of the credit for that has to go to those people doing the marketing for the organizations.

Auto Industry Coming Back From The Dead?

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If you haven’t heard about the latest economy flop, then you have probably been hiding under a rock somewhere. Likewise, some of the companies that took the biggest hits were auto companies. Detroit hasn’t been in a good way in a couple of years, and this is having an impact on charitable organizations. Charities like Goodwill Industries depend upon used car donation more than most people realize, and when you can’t get much for a car, it hurts their ability to do business.

The non-profit organizations that rely upon vehicle donation for their livelihood will be glad to hear that some economists think the recession could be over by the end of this year. Though new President Obama has not been quite as ambitious with his goal for climbing out of the mess, it is apparent that there are many people around the industry who feel that the automotive companies are about to get a leg up.

What this will impact is how much charities are able to get for scrap metal and old cars. Currently, when you donate auto parts or scrap metal to a charity, you are only able to claim $500 on your tax return. Because they will likely be able to sell these things for a little bit more in the coming months, charitable giving figures to be up a little bit.

Though there are good feelings surrounding the industry, that is no guarantee that things are going to get better quickly. Still, charities are optimistic that they will see an increase in the already strong vehicle donation market that they have been depending upon so heavily. This is true for those who donate a car and those who donate auto parts and just scrap metal, as the value of both should rise accordingly.

Car Donations: The Ultimate “Win-Win” Situation

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Much of the draw of charity is that, in many instances, you can enter into a win-win type of situation. In this instance, the charity wins, the community wins, and you win in a number of ways. Auto donation is something that can provide both tangible and intangible benefits for donors. On one hand, when I donate my car to charity, I am reaping the benefits of knowing that I did something great for the community at large. That is not all that you get out of the situation, though. People really donate their car to charity for the tangible benefits.

Which tangible benefits would that be? Right now, auto donation can net you a great deal of money in terms of tax savings. The government is not going to stop asking for your money, so you have to find ways to gain new deductions. This is one of the best ways, as you can deduct the full amount of sale of the vehicle. Charitable vehicle donation comes with a little bit of risk, of course, as you are not going to be able to be sure of the exact sale price of the car. With that said, statistics indicate that you can get a pretty good return on your investment by allowing the charity to sell your vehicle.

If you are looking for an excellent way to help out and get some help in return, then lots of charities out there will accommodate you. Places like Goodwill Industries are well known for providing the best service possible when you donate a car to charity. As you might expect, they seek to make the process as simple for you as they possibly can. Though it will require a little bit of work on your part, that work is a small price to pay for what you get in return.

What Kind of Car Can I Donate?

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In interviewing the executives who handle major gifts at some of the biggest charitable organizations out there, it is easy to figure out what one of their major job functions happens to be. These are highly skilled people with excellent communication skills, and they are put to use just about every single day. That is because one of their primary job functions is to answer questions about vehicle donation. To those people, this is something of a blessing in disguise, as the interest means that people are thinking about donating a car to charity.

One of the questions that the people at Goodwill always have to answer seems to be a pretty simple one. What type of car can I donate? The answer to this question is that you can pretty much donate whatever you want. The key thing is to understand what charities like Goodwill Industries do with your vehicle donation. When I donate my car to charity, they will seek out a buyer for that car. If the vehicle is in good and running shape, they will attempt to get as close to market price as they can for the ride. If the car can’t be sold in that way, they will sell the auto parts for as much as they possibly can.

When you donate a car, you can either send in your brand new Corvette or you can put in the old 1970s wheels that haven’t moved off of the blocks in your garage. The charities are certainly in need of all the help they can get right now, so any sort of auto donation is welcomed and wanted. They will do what they can with the resources that you provide, and you can get more value on your tax deduction when you give something that brings higher value on the open market.

Vehicle Donation Helps Promote Positive Research

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Among all of the purposes for which charities solicit auto donation, a new one has come to the forefront in recent months. In fact, vehicle donation is becoming somewhat commonplace for charities that need as much help as they can get with the economy being in its current fashion. Charities like Goodwill Industries have long pushed advertisements hoping that people will donate a car to charity. Now, it looks like more and more organizations are amping up this effort, many of them hoping to get more money for research.

Cancer research is a common charitable cause for many in the United States, as just about everyone has lost someone to cancer or knows someone who has fought off the disease. These days, both cancer-concentrated charities and the general charities out there are looking for ways to integrate vehicle donation into their bottom line. If you want to donate your car to a charity, you can rest easy knowing that it is being put to a great use. For a long time, one of the problems with this sort of charitable giving has been the fact that people have no assurances about where their money will be going.

If you donate a used car, even to a general charity, you can bet that some of the money from the sale of that car is going to head to an organization that looks for a cure. No matter what the disease, it is clear now more than ever that car donation is one of the most important ways that people can help fight for a cure. According to statistics released this month, more and more individuals are taking up this cause, as well. Vehicle donations are holding steady, while other forms of charity seem to be taking some losses with the hurting economy.

The Nuts and Bolts of Vehicle Donation: What You Need

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Making the decision to donate your car to charity is only the start of things. Though it may have taken you a while to come to the conclusion that vehicle donation was the route you wanted to go, the process is somewhat complicated and still requires you to diligently look after some small and some not so small details. When we consider car donation, we need to think about the things that you absolutely have to get done. These are certain items that you will need before you can get started.

First and foremost, you need to have all of the paperwork in order before you can make the auto donation happen. If I wanted to donate my car to charity, the first thing that I would think about is the car title. This is obviously the single most important document when dealing with this type of thing, and without it there is no way the deal can get done. With that said, getting your hands on the title can sometimes be difficult if you aren’t quite sure where to look or where to go. As most people can attest, going to the Department of Motor Vehicles is not exactly the most pleasant thing in the world.

In the past, you would have needed the Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle, but the new laws have changed that to an extent. Now, you need this information only for your own purposes and for helping out the charities as much as you can. The fine folks at places like Goodwill Industries have a lot of experience dealing with auto donation and selling cars, but they can always use the input of the owner. If you know about some of the special features on your car and can find out the proper value for those features, you can get ahead of the game in terms of donation.

Junk Car Donations: A Growing Trend

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Vehicle donation in itself is something that has become popular over the past decade, but it has become somewhat less prevalent in the last five years. Ever since the federal government decided it was best to close down some of the most popular loopholes in the system, people have been less and less willing to give their old vehicles out of the goodness of their heart. In short, auto donation has not gone away by any means, but there has been a shift in what people are donating. Today, when most people donate a car to charity, they are donating something older.

The cutoff occurs at a very low number. In fact, old junkers are worth exactly $500 in tax deductions according to the federal government. This is something that people have taken advantage of late in the tax season because it gives them added flexibility in their reporting. If you talk to the people at charities like Goodwill Industries, they will tell you that any donation is a good donation. In down economic times, people are much less likely to give away their valuable items, even if those items have just been sitting in an abandoned yard.

However, if I wanted to donate my car to charity, I might think about donating an old clunker. If the car will no longer run and it will cost more to have it fixed than it is actually worth, then it makes complete sense to claim the $500 tax deduction. The chances of selling one of the vehicles is very slim and if you are not going to get it fixed, then it really is just an eye sore. That is why, according to those in the charity world, auto donation has taken something of a shift here recently.

Is Charity Vehicle Donation Still a Worthy Venture?

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This is the question that many individuals are now asking before they donate a car to charity. In the past, this was a no-brainer. According to the latest published reports, people are now asking more questions about the best uses of their old vehicles, though. Specifically, individuals are trying to find some assurances that they are actually getting quality value out of their old, gas-guzzling wheels. The issue at the crux of the problem is that the government has made it much more difficult for people to “benefit” from car donation.

What this means is that you have to consider a few more things now before going the auto donation route. If I were to donate my car to charity, I would need to know that the charity is going to do everything in its power to sell the car at premium value. The problem with some charities is that they will flip the car as quickly as possible, not worrying how much they get for it. This will cost me when I file a tax return, as the new laws make it so that only the amount that the vehicle sold for can be claimed as a deduction. With that in mind, it’s incredibly important to choose carefully and choose a charity with a good track record.

Charitable car donation is still a worthy avenue for helping people and gaining a tax advantage if you do it with a company that has proven the ability to get top price for their cars. Certain charities, like Goodwill Industries, have repeatedly shown the ability to get the most out of the donations that they receive. Because of that, if you were to donate a car, you might want to look at these two organizations and others like them.

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