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Goodwill Industries

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Whether your car is in perfect condition, barely sputters enough to start up or is devoid of wheels and the engine won’t start, there is a market for your auto donation. Charities are eager and ready to pick up your old, unused car in order to help a family in need.

Many charities accept cars old, new and used. They in turn use these car donations to benefit others. Parts from old, broken down cars can be sold and the money used to provide food, lodging or vehicle transport to a grateful receiver. New or working cars (whether they look new or not) are either given to those who need them, sold at a low price to underprivileged people or auctioned off to the highest bidder and the money redirected to room and board. Donating your car that you do not need anymore is a great way to contribute to society and attain an accomplished, humanitarian feeling! Charities also accept other household items which you may not need and are thinking of throwing out. They gladly accept all donations!

Another great company that puts on events and collects items for charity is Goodwill Industries. These kind, generous people have the privileged job of collecting your donated car good (cars, automotive parts, etc…) and deliberating the best use for them. Like other charities, Goodwill collects old, new or used cars and either auctions them off, sells them for low prices to less fortunate families or donates them to underprivileged individuals. Goodwill Industries not only collects your donated vehicles, they also gladly accept food, clothing, household items, collectibles and anything else that can be used secondhand. The important thing is that those who have not are being shared with.

Both Goodwill Industries also hold events in order to gain contributions and donations which can be used to benefit their intended receiving audience. We’ve all heard the saying “it is better to give than receive” and these two companies are sure doing a great job of that! Auto donation is just one of the ways these charities show their humanitarian efforts and share their love with the world.

Questions on Car Donations

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Do you have questions about car donation? It does not have to be a difficult process and there are so many ways you may qualify to donate your car at an auto donation event. There are many events and charities around the country where you can donate your car. Goodwill Industries is a excellent choices are operate on a purely donation basis. When donating your car, they will accept used, new, broken down and any other type of car you wish to donate. Here we will answer some commonly asked questions you may have about auto donation.

Q: What kind of events are there that allow me to donate items?
A: Goodwill Industries hold many events quite frequently. Information regarding dates and times for events is all available on their websites. The events may include but are not limited to car shows, auctions, car drives, shoe drives and clothing drives.

Q: Can I donate a car directly to these charities or must I go to an event?
A: You may do either. Many events are for the sole purpose of donation whether that be donating your car to charity or donating other items. Available on their websites are ways of donating your items. Free pickup of your car (whether working or not!) comes standard with some charities.

Q: Are there standards for what I can donate?
A: Not as far as cars are concerned! New, used, old, broken down or perfect condition, it does not matter! Your car donation can be used to sell parts for money or given directly to a grateful recipient. All donations are welcome and help even if in a small way.

This should clarify some misconceptions about vehicle donation. It really is a simple process whether you are looking into auto donation through an event or through the company directly. And you will be assured that your donation is greatly appreciated by those who receive the benefits of your generosity. Feel free to check out the two mentioned charity’s websites and visit their events with your friends or family. You may just find that donating a car is how you would like to contribute to society.

My Experience with a Charity Car Donation Event

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In recent years, Washington DC has gained quite a large number of people who participate in auto donations. I never knew this until I had my own run down car to deal with. Not knowing what to do with it, I resorted to looking at the usual possibilities. Trade-ins, selling your own car and junk yards are probably the most common forms of getting rid of unused vehicles, but I wanted to do something else.

Trade-ins didn’t provide a good alternative because it doesn’t pay much. It rarely is worth the hassle. Junk yards seem to be counter-productive because they take cars that still have useable parts and smash them. That didn’t seem very useful to me at all. Selling my own car wasn’t an option because I many obligations and I rarely have time to sleep, eat and breathe; much less try to sell my old car! That definitely was not an option for me.

I ended up going to a car auction event with my company and Goodwill Industries were showing what their charities did. They mentioned that not only do they accept clothes, canned foods and household items; they also accepted things such as old cars, rundown trucks and unused motors. Apparently these things are still useful even after much of them are worn down. Having never been to a charity event, I did not have the opportunity to learn this information before now.

I was grateful to have another option for my vehicle. Vehicle donation is one of the main ways many families across the USA are helped back onto their feet after a tragedy occurs. I decided I wanted to be a part of this and donated my car to charity. I am really glad that I did and I would recommend either of these aforementioned charities to anyone asking. Going to charity events such as the one I attended is a great way to learn of the opportunities these charities provide if you are looking to donate your car too. Car donation is quick, easy and perfect for the busy business type such as me.

A Wonderful Experience

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Are you just not sure what to do with that old broken down car that is sitting in your back yard just rusting? Let me tell you how I saved myself a world of frustration by donating my car to Goodwill Industries! First I will tell you about the charity itself. Goodwill is dedicated to helping those in need and giving them the help they need to succeed in life and provide for their own needs. They accept donations (not just car donations!) of many kinds and hold many events such as food drives, auctions and other events.

The people who work within Goodwill are kind, generous and hard working and that is the main reason I chose this charity for my auto donation.

The way I saved most of my stress and frustration was through the easy pickup process Goodwill Industries employs. I called them on Monday afternoon regarding my used car donation and they picked up the car on Tuesday morning. It was great because I did not have to do much paperwork at all and all I needed to do other than that was change over the details of the car owner with the Department of Licensing at my local DOL. Pretty simple. I was looking into doing a trade in for a new car or just trashing the vehicle at the dump but these options just seemed fruitless. The trade in would have been essentially worthless (not accepted at many places) and the dump seemed to be a waste of resources for a car that could still be used for something.

In the end, I found that auto donation was the most appropriate option for me as I ended up helping a family in need as well as being able to qualify for tax deductions on my tax returns. It seems that with donating a vehicle, everyone wins in one way or another! I highly recommend this option.

Donating your Vehicle in Washington DC

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If you are located in Washington DC, you will be happy to know that there are a ton of great options available for vehicle donation programs. To donate auto products and vehicles to charities such as the Goodwill Industries is one of the best options for getting rid of your old vehicles. Below you will find some great information about how donating your car to charity will be able to benefit everyone involved.

First of all, when it comes to those in DC that have vehicles that are no longer running, the salvage or wrecking yard may not be your best choice. This is because most of the time that process will not bring you much money, if any. Rather than wasting your time and effort with a salvage yard, you can make the process as easy as it could possibly be by utilizing DC auto donation programs. By simply making a phone call or going online you will be able to set up the process of having your vehicle picked up by the charity. The good news is that DC chapters will be able to pick up your vehicle within 48 hours, this is quicker and easier than most salvage services and you will have the added advantage of knowing your vehicle will be helping someone in need.

Once your vehicle has been donated, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not personally benefit. This is because there are many different tax deductions that are available for people that donate cars. This is something that is often much more valuable to many individuals than the money they would have received through selling their vehicle with traditional methods. This is the reason that vehicle donation has proven to be such a great option for so many people. If your vehicle isn’t in working order or running condition, the charity will still be able to accommodate you, as they will utilize your vehicle in an auction in order to raise money for their cause. For information on donating your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact your local DC auto donation program now.

An Experience

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My experience in donating my car to charity was a lot easier and much smoother than I had originally thought it would be. I’ve heard stories of people having crazy experiences and lots of paperwork and hard times with car donation. With Goodwill Industries, all I have heard is positive feedback.

A friend of mine recently went to an event in D.C. put on by Goodwill Industries and, through it, decided to donate her unused car to charity. She had a car sitting in her front yard just waiting to eat up over a thousand dollars worth of repairs, but Goodwill Industries posed the option to her that she could donate her car with only minimal paperwork and no cost; thus getting the car off her hands for free!

Since she had a great experience participating in donation, I decided to do the same. It really was as easy as she said it would be! No cost, minimal paperwork, and really no hassle at all. It was nice to donate my old car to a charity so I knew I had made a good contribution to society.

One final thing I would like to say is about Goodwill. Another friend of mine in the D.C. area decided she wanted to be involved in auto donation when her car started sputtering and giving her a lot of trouble. She knew a trade in would not be worth the trouble but she wasn’t sure if they would accept a half broken down car. Goodwill assured her that any donation was accepted. Even if the car was not used for driving, the parts can be used to fix up other donated vehicles or to help people in need with broken down cars.

The main thing is that the contribution can help, even in a small way, to better another person’s life. That is one of the main reason I would recommend Goodwill Charities to anyone who wants to donate their car or has a broken down vehicle and doesn’t know what to do with it. These charities really care about helping the unfortunate in any way possible! In my opinion, vehicle donation is the way to go!

Fundraisers Support Charities

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Fundraisers are for profit companies that work with nonprofit corporations and assist in raising donations to support the work of the nonprofit. Although fundraisers are paid for their work, without their efforts, many non profits would have to close their doors. The work of fundraisers in vehicle donation programs is especially crucial.

The cost of running an auto donation program is prohibitive for many non profits. Buying the necessary equipment, hiring personnel and handling clerical tasks involving auto donation would not allow for a return on the program. By working with several charities and providing services to all of them, the fundraiser is able to make a small profit while the charity can benefit from a major source of donations. Some larger charities may handle vehicle donations themselves, but for most non profits the fundraiser provides the only avenue of profitability for these donations.

When you donate your car to a charity, it will be handled, in most cases by a fundraiser who has contracted with the charity to provide the service. The fundraiser provides the tow truck, car auctions and does the paperwork associated with these gifts, allowing the charity to receive the majority of the donation and continue with their important work. In most cases, after the expenses are paid and the fundraiser receives their fee, the charity receives nearly 50% of the sale of the vehicle. That amount is often more than the average cash donation.

You may not like the idea of a fundraiser being paid for this work, but the truth is that, without fundraisers, many charities would have to shut their doors. Fundraisers provide advertising services and often provide news releases as well, keeping a charity’s name in the public eye. If you had never heard of Goodwill Industries, how would you know they needed donations? Fundraisers support their charities by letting people know about them and their work.

When you donate your used car to charity, be assured that the fundraiser will do everything possible to maximize the sales price and allow the charity to reap as much of your donation as possible.

Vehicle Donation in Washington DC

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If you are located in Washington DC and are interested in the process of vehicle donation, you will be pleased to learn that there are great DC chapters of Goodwill Industries. These great charities will allow you to access all of the info and services that you need to donate your car to their vehicle donation programs.

In Washington DC there are a ton of people and cars. However there are also just as many people that are in need of a vehicle to get around and work. This is the reason that the vehicle donation programs are so important. It is also the reason that people who are willing to donate a vehicle are so important.

The good news is that the DC chapters that have implemented these programs have really made it easy for the average person. If you are wondering whether or not you will be able to donate a vehicle, there is a ton of info available. However, for the most part these charities will accept any vehicle no matter the condition that it is in. This is because cars that are not running will be auctioned off in order to raise money for a specific cause. Vehicles that are running, on the other hand, will be given to those that are in desperate need of a vehicle.

By donating to a vehicle donation program in Washington DC you will be helping the families that are in need of a car in order to live their daily life. This is the reason that so many different individuals have decided to donate their vehicle to a charitable program rather than other traditional methods such utilizing a salvage yard. By donating your vehicle you will be able to not only get rid of a vehicle that is taking up space and losing money but you will also be able to benefit those who truly need a vehicle. These are the reasons that so many different people have been utilizing the services offered through DC car donation programs.

Donate a Used Car to Goodwill Industries

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Goodwill Industries has been helping people help themselves for over 100 years. They serve people with mental and physical disabilities, the unemployed, new immigrants, ex-offenders, mature workers and low income youth. Goodwill programs provide job training and assistance in finding employment. The programs that they run create productive neighbors in your community.

Among the first charities to understand the value of donated goods, Goodwill Industries has accepted auto donations for many years. Much of the money raised to support them comes from the sale of donated goods. They are known for their thrift stores where they sell donated clothing and household goods to the public.

Depending on the chapter, when you donate your car it may be used in their wheels to work program. Wheels to work provides autos to people who cannot afford them and don’t have access to other transportation. Your donated used car can mean the difference between employment and unemployment for someone.

Many auto donations are sold and the proceeds are used to fund Goodwill programs. When you donate a used car to Goodwill Industries, the money raised helps to keep their important programs running. In these difficult economic times their job training programs are more important and more in demand than ever before.

As with many charities, the car donation program is an important source of funding. They depend on the revenues of the program to keep up their training programs. Many chapters offer free GED classes and other training and education programs to people who want and need to be employed. The work done by Goodwill Industries helps people become independent and gives them the ability to support themselves and their families, improving the communities they serve.

When you donate a car to charity, you have many charities to choose from. Goodwill Industries is an established charity with a proven record of serving communities and improving the quality of life both for the people who participate in their programs, and for the community at large. Consider making GW your choice for your generous car donation.

I Want To Donate My Car to a charity

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Donating a used car to a Charity is an excellent choice. Charities provide disaster relief to people across the globe. A nonprofit agency, they are dependent on donations to support their disaster relief efforts. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Goodwill was one of the first agencies on the scene, providing shelter and food to thousands of people who were left homeless. They respond to earthquakes and other natural disasters worldwide and their work has been continuing for over 100 years.

The vehicle donation program for Goodwill Industries supplies a significant amount of funding for their relief efforts. When you donate your car, the charity sells it and uses the cash proceeds to continue their work. It is easy to donate a used car, certainly easier than selling it yourself. Older used cars usually don’t have much trade in value, but if you donate your car, you are eligible for a tax deduction equal to the cash value of your car. For many people this saves time and money.

With the problems in the economy, cash donations are down, but the need for services is still present. Natural disasters can occur at anytime, anywhere. Auto donations help to insure that Goodwill will be available when they are called upon. Their efforts relieve suffering that is unimaginable to most of us. One way to be grateful for your good fortune is to make a gift of your old car.

Many vehicle donation programs also accept RVs, SUVs, boats, motorcycles and farm and construction equipment. With the high cost of maintaining a boat, there has been a recent trend to abandon them. Why not donate that boat to Goodwill instead? If your motorcycle has been sitting in the garage for 2 years, unused, make a gift of it. You will receive tax benefits while disposing of property you no longer need.

You may think that a disaster will never happen to you, but it can happen to anyone. Support Goodwill so that, if you ever need them, they will be there.

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