Auto Donation Fundraisers

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Fundraisers are private companies that work with nonprofit organizations to assist them in raising money through various programs. By working with several charities, fundraisers are able to provide advertising and other services that would be prohibitively expensive for individual charities to provide for themselves.

Fundraisers are key events when it comes to vehicle donation programs. They provide towing services, auto auctions and clerical support for the charities who work with them. Individual charities would not be able to use car donation programs without them, as the cost of providing the necessary equipment and personnel would be greater than the proceeds of sales.

In addition, fundraisers provide advertising through newspapers, television, radio and the Internet to bring attention to the charities’ programs. When you donate a used car to a charity, the fundraiser handles the details of the pickup and sale, and the charity receives the proceeds, less the cost of title transfer and the fundraiser’s fee. In most cases, 40% to 60% of the proceeds of the sale go to the charity.

The convenience of having your car picked up within 24 to 48 hours after you contact your charity program to make the donation is possible due to fundraisers. They are aware of the tax laws and will provide you with the correct forms for your deductible contribution. Since fundraisers work with several charities, you can donate your car to a particular charity or you can allow all the charities supported by the fundraiser to share in the proceeds.

The gift of your donated used car is important to charities today. Many receive between 20% and 80% of their funding through these programs. With the economy in a serious downturn, cash donations are less available while the demand for charitable services is rising. If you have a car that you are not using, whether it is running or not, consider using it as a donation to a charity that provides important services in your community.

Fundraisers provide vital services to charities by allowing them to participate in auto donation programs regardless of the size of their organization. Many deserving charities could not continue to function without their services.

How Auto Donation Works

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You may have wondered how auto donations raise funds for charities. Charities are not in the auto business, so what do they do with your car? Most charities use fund raisers to handle vehicle donation. The fund raiser usually works with many charities who receive cars as donations. They handle the paperwork associated with auto sales and salvage, and arrange for the actual sale of the vehicle. Following the sale, they deduct the cost of processing and their fee, and send the balance to the charity specified by the donor. If no charity is specified, the proceeds are split among all the charities who work with the fund raiser.

Some large charities may do the fund raising job themselves and even handle auto donation fund raising for other charities. However, most charities prefer to deal through fund raisers who handle the time consuming paperwork and other details for a fee. Fund raisers are for-profit companies, but the charities that depend on them would not be able to benefit from car donation without them.

If charities were to attempt to handle these donation programs themselves, they would have to buy tow trucks, hire drivers and pay someone to handle the paper work required by state governments for the transfer of vehicle ownership. The cost to the charity would likely be greater than the cost incurred by using a fund raiser.

Fund raisers allow you to choose the charity to benefit when you donate your car. Charities involved in auto donation programs report that they receive between 20% and 80% of their total funding from these programs. Without the proceeds from these programs, some charities would be unable to continue their work. The work of fund raisers benefits the charities and the donors. Fund raisers are able to arrange for quick pick up when you donate a car.

If you want to donate your car to a particular charity, you can call a fund raiser and ask if you can donate through them, or you can call the charity and ask which fund raiser they use. Most charities will be happy to refer you to their fund raiser.

Donate a Car to Charity

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Many people have old cars that don’t have enough value to sell. They may be broken and not worth fixing, or they may run but aren’t being driven regularly. If you have an old car that you aren’t using, consider making a vehicle donation to charity.

If you have a charity that you support, you can earmark your donation for that charity. The car will be picked up, within 24 to 48 hours of your call and the pickup is free. To donate a used car, you simply have to make a phone call and arrange to be available at the time the car is picked up, so that you may turn over the keys and title of the vehicle.

A car donation is tax deductible. When your car is picked up you will receive a statement of the value of your donation for use on your taxes. Often the credit you receive for your donation will exceed what you could have received by selling the car. So you can receive a nice credit on your taxes in return for your generosity.

If your car isn’t running, you probably won’t get very much by selling it for salvage, and many salvage companies will deduct the cost of picking up the vehicle from the amount you receive. In most cases, a vehicle donation will be better from a financial standpoint than a salvage sale. You receive a tax deduction and your charity receives a nice gift.

In addition to cars, charities accept trucks, vans, SUVs, boats and motorcycles as donations. Charities depend heavily on vehicle donation to raise funds and support their community efforts. Since the process of donating a car is so simple, it has become a very popular way to give. These gifts allow charities to continue their work in communities around the world.

So if you have a car that is just taking up space, that you don’t want to be bothered selling, consider making a gift of it to your favorite charity. Both you and the charity will benefit as well as some people you probably will never even meet.

Let Your Car Help Someone Else

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Goodwill Industries has a program called Wheels to Work which assists people who cannot afford to buy a car. They trains and assist people in finding employment, but if public transportation is not available in their area, they may not be able to get to work. Wheels to Work provides these people with reliable cars.

Cars for the Wheels to Work program are provided through vehicle donations. Just as you donate your old clothes and household item and furniture, you can donate a car. Goodwill Industries will repair and refurbish the vehicle and give it to one of their program participants so they can become self sufficient.

Goodwill works with many different kinds of clients. In addition to working with the physically and mentally challenged, they also run programs for mature workers, new immigrants, ex offenders and low income youth. Many GW centers have free GED classes which are open to anyone who needs a high school diploma.

Auto donations also help in other ways. If your car can’t be used in the wheels to work program, it will be sold at auction and the charity will receive the proceeds of the sale. The cash raised in this way is crucial to keeping many of the community based programs viable. Most of the revenue generated comes from selling donated items. The car donation programs are responsible for a significant percentage of that revenue.

Goodwill Industries services help people to better their lives and, in turn, better their communities. Simply by donating a used car, you can support the efforts of thousands of volunteers and employees who work to make the programs a success. Your gift is appreciated and the process is much simpler than selling the car yourself. Your car will be picked up and the charity will handle all the paperwork. You can make a phone call, or fill out a form online. That’s all. If you are not sure who to call, call your local GW center or Google “Goodwill” for the location of the program nearest you.

How Participating In Car Donation or Auto Donation Event Can Benefit You

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All of us see advertisements for events, shows and donation rallies for the benefit of underprivileged people within our society but you may be wondering how these things can benefit you as well. How can vehicle donation be of mutual benefit to the person receiving the auto donation and the person donating the car? You’ll be happy to know there are several ways!

Nothing gives the human heart more satisfaction than helping out another person in need. We all fall into hard times and maybe donating your car will give you the accomplished feeling you have been missing. Hundreds of families and individuals have been given a second chance at life through the miracle of giving!

In addition to the warm, happy feelings of knowing you helped another fellow human being, you can receive tax deductions and benefits. This way, you are helping yourself while also helping another. If the charity you end up donating your car to sells your car for 3000 dollars, you are liable to receive up to 450 or 500 dollars off your taxes on a Federal level. Numbers will change depending on how your state does taxes, but we can all admit that 500 dollars is very handy when it comes to paying taxes!

Goodwill Industries proudly provide support to those in need and are able to help victims of life’s most foul plays. Being the recipient of a donated car can help an individual or even a family to get back on their feet and discover their means to a new life.

A final way you benefit from donating your car is the fact that you do not have to spend money on advertising or spend hours trying to find someone who will buy your car. You won’t have to worry about haggling over prices or trying to find time to actually get out there and sell the car, you car will be on its way to a family who wants it and needs it. Your car will be used to its full potential even after you are thoroughly done with it!

Charity Car Donation

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There is a great number of individuals in the world today that are interested in doing their part for charitable causes. However, many people do not realize that they can actually kill two birds with one stone by utilizing the great options available for charity car donations.

Many people have old vehicles lying around that are causing quite a headache. In fact, most people have cars that are either not functioning like they should or are just a little outdated. Others have purchased new vehicles and have no intention of utilizing their older cars. This poses the perfect opportunity for taking advantage of charitable car donation programs that are available through organizations such as Goodwill Industries.

The fact of the matter is that most individuals that want to get rid of a car do not have any way of selling the vehicle. This is the reason that car donation is such a great option as it takes the frustration out of getting rid of an old car. To donate a car to charity really could not be any easier. After you have notified an organization, almost everything will be taken care of for you. For example, the car will be picked up for free within 48 hours. By simply making a phone call you will be able to free up some space and get rid of your old vehicles.

Another great benefit that those who donate a car will receive is the tax benefits associated with car donation. This is because there are tax reductions available for car donation in the majority of cases. This provides added incentive for those that are interested in getting rid of their old vehicle and still being able to benefit from the process rather than it being a total write-off. Most people will not be able to get any money for their vehicles that are no longer running. This is the reason that so many different people have been taking advantage of donating a car to charity recently. It’s truly the best option available for the majority of individuals.

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