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Vehicle Donations: The Life You Save Might Be Your Own

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The Nightly News, no matter your station preference, was once a must see for the entire family, at least years and years ago as I was growing up. It was filled with human interest stories that were suitable for all, rated G for the most part. But now, “If it bleeds, it leads”, is the favorite saying among those responsible for the nightly horror stories we see on the tube today. Murder, carjacking, et al. Never is this more evident than when natural disaster or terrorist actions strike, and then we quit worrying about the nightly mayhem and do what we can to help, led by the volunteers of the Goodwill. You might already be among the many who have helped this angelic organization raise funds through a vehicle donation, whose proceeds can help Goodwill buy the supplies necessary for their life saving services.

Imagine, if you will, you have donated a vehicle and that the money acquired by selling that car or truck was used for life saving supplies and equipment for the Goodwill chapter in your home town, lets call it Washington D.C. And imagine a disaster such as a hurricane or, God forbid, a terrorist strike injuring thousands right there in D.C. Now imagine one of those injured is yourself. In todays world, it is not that far-fetched, is it?

The money raised with your generous and charitable vehicle donation might just save your OWN life. In a world where what goes around, comes around, that’s what I would call a perfect ending to a tragic set of circumstances.

Car Donation Programs Assist Charities To Help The Needy

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Hurricane Katrina disrupted the lives of many, many thousands of Americans, not only in New Orleans, but across the Gulf States. Goodwill Industries, through the generosity of the millions of Americans who pitched in what they could during this horrific national disaster, did an amazing job of helping ease the burden placed on all those so severely affected by the hurricane, much like they did in the aftermath of 9/11. Car donation programs are fast becoming one of the best ways for people to raise money to help people in need.

Car donation not only benefits people out of work and needing food, clothes, and shelter, it also provides a tax deduction for the individual or group donating the car. The best part of the process for those who selflessly donate an unwanted car may well be the tremendous feeling of well being that undoubtedly occurs when you help your fellow man, knowing that a child or family will have a place to sleep and enough food to eat in this country that, like the rest of the world, is going through tough economic times.

If you would like to assist Goodwill, whose 500,000 volunteers work tirelessly for the benefit of the less fortunate, one of the best, and easiest, ways is through car donation. Millions of cars in this country sit idle, gathering rust and serving no purpose whatsoever. A call to your local Goodwill chapter will start the very simple car donation process.

How A Junk Vehicle Donation Helps Keep America Green

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Most everyone who has driven into the countryside has seen lots of vehicles, long past their prime, sitting up on blocks on a property somewhere. Often, you can see several vehicles on the same property, sitting uselessly and wasting away in the weather. Owners of these vehicles should consider donating them to charity.

While your junk vehicle donation helps charities in a variety of ways, an added benefit you might not have thought about is important in its own right. By recycling  the scrap metal from parts that are not usable, you are helping to keep America Green! Let’s take a look at a number of ways this can happen:

1. The metal used in vehicles, both ferrous (iron and steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum,   copper, tin,  etc) can be sold to raise money. By recycling, the need to mine new ore to produce new metals will be reduced, eliminating all the toxic by-products of the processes involved in mining, including poisoning rivers and polluting the air.  

2. The space your donated  junk vehicle had been occupying, which undoubtedly consisted of dead grass underneath, will now be exposed to sunshine and the grass will turn green again! You will be able to remove the blocks many of these vehicles sat upon, turning your eyesore of a yard into an attractive, green yard once again.
3. Your neighbors, whose yard contains a couple of junkers like yours used to, will turn green with envy when your yard  becomes junker-free. Another example of the greening of America!

4. The most important green: money for charities to help our less fortunate.

Your Truck Donation Could Be A Lifesaver

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There are hundreds of uses for the money raised from donated vehicles, the outstanding program used throughout our country to help raise money for deserving charities such as Goodwill. A lot of money is raised through truck donations, whether the truck is running or not. Even trucks in need or major repair before they are operable can be used for spare parts, and with metal prices at all-time highs, the unusable rest of the truck can be sold for scrap.

However, people with operating trucks may not know just what a difference maker their truck donation may be, in that a working truck or car may be given to a family in dire need of transportation, a family that may live too far away from public transportation to make it to the hospital in time of emergency, for example. If a small child cut himself badly, requiring a trip to the emergency room immediately, or a pregnant woman going into premature labor had no way to get to the hospital quickly, your donated truck could literally be the difference between life and death.

This kind of generosity helps thousands of disadvantaged people daily across our nation. Many people who fortune has smiled upon, and have a truck or car they no longer use have seen it in their heart to donate it to the Goodwill. Knowing you may save a life is worth much more than the tax deduction you can claim next April 15th for your truck donation.

Car Donations Make Dollars And Sense

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Statistics from a vehicle survey in 2002 put the number of cars and trucks populating America at over 215 million vehicles. Other stats from 2001 and 2002 put the number of ‘scrapped’ vehicles in each of those years at over 14 million each year. By doing a little math, it looks like about 6.5 percent of vehicles in America hit the scrapyard each year. Instead of calling a junkyard to come tow your vehicle, which might well charge you to come tow it away, it makes sense to call a charity.

A call to Goodwill, who will use your car donation for a myriad of great causes, will result in your car or truck being picked up and removed for free, usually within 24-48 hours. Your vehicle may have outlived its usefulness to you, but it might prove very useful to the less fortunate, and Goodwill will make certain the money raised, whether it be from spare parts sales or scrap metal sales, will be put to great use. Vehicles with life left in them can be refurbished and the vehicle is then given to a person in dire need of transportation.

To be sure, an unwanted car can be donated for whatever reason, whether it is not worth fixing, whether or not it is running, or is not being used for any reason. If it is sitting around gathering dust and rust, the tax deduction your car donation brings makes economic sense to you, and brings much needed money to the charity.

Boat Donations Help Fundraisers Fill Charity Coffers

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We have all seen advertising, be it on television or elsewhere, about vehicle donation programs that are used by fundraisers to help charities raise money. When natural disasters strike, the outpouring of support, for Goodwill and other charities, shows just what our great country is made of. During calmer times, however, charity work keeps on going, and the need for funds is constant and ongoing, Boat donations have been a Godsend for fundraisers helping these charities.

You may have heard the funny definition of a boat that goes something like this: pieces of wood surrounding a hole into which one pours money, or something like that. The truth is, boats CAN become quite expensive, especially as they get older and start to need frequent repair. If you own a boat, you probably know what I am talking about. If you own a boat that has been sitting around unused for some time because you can’t find the money to repair it, you might think about donating your boat to charity. A simple call to your local Goodwill chapter will answer any questions you have about boat donation procedures, which will require very little effort on your part.

The fundraiser that will use your boat donation to help raise money for Goodwill will pick up and transport your boat at no charge to you, and instead of sinking more money down a never ending drain, the tax deduction for your benevolence will bring a smile to your face, and also to the faces of the families that your donation ultimately helps.

A Motorcycle Donation Will Kick Start A Charity Drive

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The joy of riding a motorcycle through the Rockies is evident on every face sitting on top of one. Every summer, towns and cities gear up for a seemingly endless parade of motorcycles through their streets, cyclists whose tourist dollars mean the world in terms of money that is needed for street and highway maintenance, among other things. Motels and restaurants get the majority of their business during these summer months, as motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere flock to the beautiful and thrilling roads in the scenic Rockies. Some riders are taking it a step further, using a motorcycle donation to help a charity.

The reasons cyclists donate their motorcycle are varied. Many simply have their eye on a new Harley or other bike, having put many hard years of use on their current chopper and knowing it won’t bring much as a trade-in, and knowing the constant need for funds that all charities face, simply pick up the phone, call Goodwill, and have them come pick up their bike to be used in a fundraising auction. Other riders might be at an age where their riding days have come to an end, and having experienced the supreme joy of their bikes for years, want others less fortunate to have the same thrills.

Whatever the reason, a motorcycle donation can mean the world to charities, whose volunteer workers may not have time to enjoy the Rockies on a chopper, but know what to do with one when it comes their way.

The Pros and Cons of Vehicle Donation

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When you donate a vehicle to a trusted charity (i.e. Goodwill Industries, etc…) for a good cause, you may start to develop a few conflicting thoughts before the transaction, especially if you are emotionally attached to the vehicle.

– Who will receive my car?
– How will they treat it?
– Is the recipient a safe driver? What if he/she crashes?

The reality is that once you donate your vehicle, you also give up ownership… meaning what happens to your car from that point is really none of your business. It’s literally out of your hands. All of the responsibilities that you once had now go to the new owner so there’s really no sense in worrying any further. Instead, try thinking positively about the whole situation, after all, your vehicle donation has a great chance of changing someone’s life, allowing them to utilize your contribution for much needed transportation in order to get back and forth to their job location. As an alternative, your vehicle can be sold at an auction, with the proceedings being used to fund job placement programs for the disadvantaged people of your community.

The point that is being made here is that there are many pros that go along with donating a vehicle to charity and very little (petty) cons, most of which are strictly in your head. If you have an old clunker that is taking up space in your garage, consider the extra storage space you’ll gain by donating it, not to mention the needy family that you’ll be helping out.

Clear your mind. Focus your intentions. Donate a vehicle.

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