Car Donations Are The Lifeblood Of Charity Fundraisers

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There is little doubt that America is the most generous nation on Earth, from our response to disasters such as the giant tsunami several years ago in the Far East, the giant chemical explosion in India, earthquake relief efforts the world over, and our massive foreign aid efforts to impoverished nations across the earth, especially in Africa. While most of  these lifesaving measures are determined by our politicians in Washington, charity really begins at home, and the local D.C. chapters of Charity Dispatch, and Goodwill Industries make sure that our local people in need get all the help possible, using car donation fundraisers as a key strategy to raise the necessary funds.

People donate cars to charity for more reasons than you might think. Some of these reasons include:

1. A car has been sitting idle for a year or two after a spouse has died. It is an older car that has little value, and the efforts required to sell it directly, and costs associated with advertising the sale are not worth going through the hassle of trying to sell it.

2. The dealership that a person is buying a new car through has made it clear that the car has very little trade-in value. The tax deduction you may claim for donating the car may be equal to or greater than that.

3. Goodwill has helped people you know, and you just want to give back to the people in your community with a car donation that will help fund these volunteer efforts.

Car Raffles Are A Great Way To Use Car Donations For Charity

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The big hearted spirit of Americans is being put to use in many clever ways to raise money for the down and out, the needy, the people in this great country who are temporarily down on their luck.

It would be a good guess that every organization with more than 100 members, be it a high school graduating class, a college fraternity or sorority, a church, an Elks Lodge or local Chamber of Commerce members, has within its own membership somebody who is in the automobile business. With a little ingenuity, this group should be able to come up with a donated car which can be raffled off, with the proceeds used to fund volunteer efforts of charities such as Goodwill Industries. The donated car does not have to be new, although raffles have been successfully held after working out a deal with a local car dealer, who graciously allows the car to be demonstrated off-premises before payment is made. Some dealers will donate a used car for free, knowing the karma from the car donation will come back to him many times over in the form of future sales to group members who are so thankful for the donation.

Group members then sell the raffle tickets, and rarely need to even go outside their own membership to sell enough tickets to raise the money needed to fund the charity efforts this country is famous for. In one instance I know of, the winner of the donated car then re-donated the car to charity, to be given away to a family in dire need. A true win-win if there ever was one.

Vehicle Donations Can Include Anything

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The first thing that comes to mind when people think about vehicle donation is a car or truck, because they are the predominant form of transportation in this country. But there are many other types of transportation, such as motor homes, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and even wheelchairs that can be used to raise money for charity.

Wheelchairs are the primary, and often times ONLY, mode of transportation for many people. A wheelchair in good shape can be a lifesaver for those in need. Imagine someone needing one desperately and not having one…

Motor homes are another type of vehicle which you can donate. With such high gas prices, and they average motor home getting about 5-6 miles per gallon, family trips have become more of a luxury these days, and thousands of motor homes sit idle now, deteriorating and providing little, if any, benefit. But if you decide to donate a vehicle like a motor home or a fifth wheel, it can be used as housing for people without shelter, or sold by the charity at auction to raise money. Rest assured it will be put to better use than it currently is, that being providing shade for cats and squirrels as it gathers rust in your driveway or back yard.

If you think donating your vehicle will be a time consuming process, don’t fret. One phone call to Goodwill will solve all your worries. Free pickup will be arranged within a day or two, and they will also provide tax documentation necessary for the deduction available on your next tax return.

Car Donation Fundraisers Can Be A Bash!

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Fundraisers for charity are a popular and highly necessary way for these charities to raise money. In tough economic times today, car donations are one of the easiest ways for people strapped for cash to still make a difference. I don’t know the when the first fundraiser was held using a car donation, but the first one I witnessed was held in Carthage Texas, in 1971. The car that was donated was worth 25 dollars, and the fundraiser employed a raffle and a sledgehammer!

Before you ask what in the heck a sledgehammer was used for in a fundraiser, let me set the stage. A local college student was badly injured in a car accident, and his family was going through a bad stretch, money wise. Hospital bills wiped them out, with no end to the bills in the foreseeable future. Some of his friends came up with a wacky way to help raise money for the bills, and a local car dealer donated an old trade in to the cause. The car was old and didn’t run well, but all the windows were intact, and the body undamaged.

Raffle tickets were sold for a dollar apiece, and many hundreds of people bought one for the chance to grab that sledgehammer and give that old beater a beating. That car donation actually helped save a young mans life, albeit in a rather unorthodox manner. And though modern fundraisers are quite tame in comparison, I must admit I was quite excited when my raffle ticket was the first one drawn!

Your Ugly Car Looks Beautiful When It’s Donated

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Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. An eyesore in your eyes may be a picture of perfection in another pair of eyes. Never is this principle more true than when you donate a car to charity. Maybe the old clunker that has been sitting around since your son or daughter graduated from college and moved out of the house has become a nuisance and you have been thinking about calling someone to tow it away. If you don’t already know about car and vehicle donation programs, make that call to Goodwill, instead of calling a junkyard.

If you have an epiphany late at night, you can call the D.C. chapter of Charity Dispatch, at 800-506-0172. They will answer the phone 24/7 and assist Goodwill with the logistics of donating your car, with the resulting funds acquired from selling the vehicle at auction going to assist many of the less fortunate in life. Rest assured the D.C. chapter makes the whole process painless, and seamless, with your vehicle being picked up within a couple of days, and most often within 24 hours of your call. There is no charge for towing your car, as opposed to many junkyards who might charge you just to tow the vehicle away.

That ugly vehicle that has been taking up driveway or garage space, when donated, will look like a new showroom beauty in the eyes of the charity when they pick it up. The smile on their face will also brighten your day. A car donation, even an ugly one, is really a beautiful sight.

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