Charity Car Donation

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Donation Tips To Keep in Mind

If you have decided to make a car donation you have made a good decision, your donation will help people all over the world in a variety of different ways. There are some things that you should keep in mind when making a car donation to any type of charity however.

A car donation should never cost you any money or time, most car donation agencies will pick your car up for free, you simply need to be present and have a free title in hand, there are some situations where you will not need a title but you will need to talk to your car donation organization to make sure.

Make sure you check ahead of time to see if the agency you are using will accept the type of vehicle or car donation that you are trying to make. Not all agencies will accept all types of donations.

If you are interested in making a car donation check with Charity Dispatch for more information about this process and getting started.

Charity Vehicle

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Charity Vehicle – What Happens to the Charity Vehicle you Donate?

When you donate a charity vehicle you may have some preconceived notions about what will happen to that vehicle. Many people simply assume that the vehicle will go directly to a person that needs it such as a single mom or unemployed family. While this may happen in some cases more often than not the charity vehicle you donate ends up at auction. Once the vehicle is sold the proceeds from the sale go to the charity and their programs.

In some cases charities may keep vehicles for their own use, or in the case of disasters they may distribute the cars to those in need. If you have a specific wish when it comes to donating your vehicle to charity you should always ask beforehand to find out what their process is. In some case you may be able to request how your vehicle is used, but in most cases it will be up to you to find a charity that you want your vehicle to go to if it makes a difference to you.

Charity Dispatch helps to facilitate vehicle donations to charity, by picking up the car for you and taking care of all the details for you and the charity you are donating to. If you are interested in donating a vehicle you can contact our toll free hotline for more information and to get the process started.

Donate Cars To Charity

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Donate Cars To Charity – Making sure that Your Car Goes to the Charity You Specify

When people donate cars to charity one of their biggest concerns is where will their car go and what will happen to it. This can be a big concern because they want to know that the car or the money from the car will in some way directly benefit those in need. It can be useful to spend some time investigating the charity you wish to donate your car to, to see what their particular procedure is, as well as how their money is used.

When you get ready to donate your car you will most likely be donating it to Charity Dispatch or another organization just like it, it is their job to facilitate car donations and ensure that the proceeds go to the charity of your choice. If you would like to know more about how to donate cars to charity, visit the Charity Dispatch website for more information.

Donating a Vehicle

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Donating a Vehicle – Donation Programs are not just for Cars

When people think about donating a vehicle they primarily think about cars, however a charity’s vehicle donation program is not limited to just cars, you can also donate other types of vehicles as well such as trucks, vans, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and more. When donating a vehicle keep in mind that most of the vehicles that get donated are put up for auction so it really does not matter what you donate since the proceeds can still benefit the charity you donate it to.

Donating a vehicle is easy, Charity Dispatch has a toll free number that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply call the number, and the operator will arrange a pick up time and cover all the details to make sure everything is in order. Once the transfer is complete Charity Dispatch will mail you your tax receipt and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped out those less fortunate than you.

Car For Charity

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Car For Charity- What do you have to do to Ready your Car for Charity?

Many people assume that unless their old car is in good working order and perfect condition that the charities will not want it. The truth is that charities will take cars in any condition from not working to excellent condition. While you may want to ready your car for charity, it is not necessary and this should not stop you from donating your car. That said there are a couple of things you might want to do before you call the local charity to pick up your car.

The first thing you should do is make sure you have a clear title to the car; the charity will be unable to use the car if it does not have a clear title. You should clean out all of your personal belonging and anything that has your name on it for privacy reasons. While the charity will probably give the car a good once over before sending it to auction, you should take the responsibility of doing this yourself.

Most charities will take the time to fix anything that is wrong with the car if it is feasible and cars that are not fixable will go for scrap, so you need never worry that your car will not be usable. Charity Dispatch makes getting ready a car for charity easy, check our website for more information.

Donate Used Car

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Why do you Need a Middle Man When you Donate a Used Car?

Rather than viewing a middle man with suspicion when getting ready to donate a used car keep these facts in mind. Many charities have stopped taking used car donations due to the changes in IRS laws and the amount of extra work that was involved in taking these sorts of donations. The use of a donation program such as Charity Dispatch makes the process viable for charities again.

Charity Dispatch also makes your process as the donor even easier and safer as well as ensuring that you get the top value possible when taking your tax deduction. You will never be involved in the sale, nor will you ever need to worry about your name being involved in any problems that may occur with your old car down the road. Charity Dispatch keeps a dealer’s license to ensure that such problems never occur. If you would like to donate a used car, donating through Charity Dispatch is the easiest and safest way to do so.

Goodwill Car Donation

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Goodwill Car Donation – Don’t have Time to Bother with that Old Car?

How many times have you seen cars collect rust and debris and never get sold or moved, all too often this is what happens to old cars after their owners are done with them. Never sure what to do with them and too busy to go to all the work to get them sold, they sit in the yard and rust. Rather than letting your old car sit why not doing something special by making a Goodwill car donation?

Not only is making a Goodwill car donation much easier than selling your car, but the money gained from the sale of your car will go to helping the disadvantaged find jobs.  When you call Charity Dispatch the donation process is simple, all you need is to call them and have them come pick your old car up, make sure you have title in hand and that is all there is to it, the old car is out of your yard and you have helped others create a new life for themselves.

Goodwill Cars

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Goodwill Cars – Why Donate Cars to Goodwill ?

All too often we tend to take our lives for granted without ever realizing how lucky we are. There are many people in this world that for whatever reason do not have the resources that we have. Simple things such as finding a job to pay the rent or food to put on the table are not so simple for everyone. When you donate cars to Goodwill you have the pleasure of knowing that your donation helps others to get the training they need to help them find jobs.

When you donate cars to Goodwill these cars are sent to auction or scrap depending on the condition of the car. The proceeds from your donation are then used to help Goodwill programs for the disadvantaged by helping them to find jobs or get the training they need to get a job. Charity Dispatch can help you when you are ready to donate a car to Goodwill, they will come pick your car up and ensure that your donation gets to the Goodwill Chapter of your choice.

Goodwill Car

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Goodwill Car – What will Happen to Your Car when you donate it to Goodwill

If you have decided that you want to donate your car to Goodwill you have made a good choice, Goodwill offers a number of services to those in your area and the donation of a car is a significant donation that will help them to continue to provide those services. Donating cars is a popular way to help your favorite charity, not everybody wants to take the time and effort it requires to get their car ready for sale and then go through the hassle and expense of getting it sold. Donating your car to goodwill is easy; all you need is a clear title.

Charity Dispatch helps to facilitate donating your car to Goodwill, all you need to do is to call their 24 hour hotline and they will send someone to pick your car up and they will help you to get the best possible tax deduction out of your old car as well.

Donate A Vehicle

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Donate A Vehicle – Where to Go When you Want to Donate a Vehicle

When you want to donate a vehicle you may find that the process is not so simple as it used to be. A decade ago all you needed to do was to call up the charity you wanted to donate it to, then either deliver it with the title in hand and get your receipt or have them come and pick it up. Because of new tax laws many charities have stopped taking donations of vehicles, since it makes it far too complicated for most donors and recipients.

However there are still a number of charities that will let you donate a vehicle if you know where to look, one of the easiest ways to donate a vehicle is through Charity Dispatch. They facilitate car donations for some of the best known charities such as Goodwill, so you know that your car will be going for a cause that you can believe in.

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