This year has gotten off to a very busy start. People are donating their cars for many different reasons. There has also been an increase in the number of car donations going toward Haitian and Chilean relief efforts. One donated car can provide a number of people with the basic necessities we need to survive, it can also allow charities to make job opportunities and training available to those in need.

With a short phone call you can have a vehicle that you no longer want taken off your hands absolutely free. In fact you can actually use it as a deduction on your taxes. That same phone call also makes it possible to put resources in the hands of people who desperately need them. Be it in the form of training, rehabilitation or the vehicle itself.

Donating a car through Charity Dispatch is easy and convenient. You can pick which charity you’d like your car to be donated to and in some cases to a specific cause. Vehicles that are not running and unable to be salvaged are usually recycled which benefits the environment by keeping pollutants off the road.

Selling your car may land you immediate cash but donating your car gives you a tax break and a good feeling without the headache that comes from selling a vehicle. Plus you can help someone else at no additional cost to you.

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