The joy of riding a motorcycle through the Rockies is evident on every face sitting on top of one. Every summer, towns and cities gear up for a seemingly endless parade of motorcycles through their streets, cyclists whose tourist dollars mean the world in terms of money that is needed for street and highway maintenance, among other things. Motels and restaurants get the majority of their business during these summer months, as motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere flock to the beautiful and thrilling roads in the scenic Rockies. Some riders are taking it a step further, using a motorcycle donation to help a charity.

The reasons cyclists donate their motorcycle are varied. Many simply have their eye on a new Harley or other bike, having put many hard years of use on their current chopper and knowing it won’t bring much as a trade-in, and knowing the constant need for funds that all charities face, simply pick up the phone, call Goodwill, and have them come pick up their bike to be used in a fundraising auction. Other riders might be at an age where their riding days have come to an end, and having experienced the supreme joy of their bikes for years, want others less fortunate to have the same thrills.

Whatever the reason, a motorcycle donation can mean the world to charities, whose volunteer workers may not have time to enjoy the Rockies on a chopper, but know what to do with one when it comes their way.

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