Are you just not sure what to do with that old broken down car that is sitting in your back yard just rusting? Let me tell you how I saved myself a world of frustration by donating my car to Goodwill Industries! First I will tell you about the charity itself. Goodwill is dedicated to helping those in need and giving them the help they need to succeed in life and provide for their own needs. They accept donations (not just car donations!) of many kinds and hold many events such as food drives, auctions and other events.

The people who work within Goodwill are kind, generous and hard working and that is the main reason I chose this charity for my auto donation.

The way I saved most of my stress and frustration was through the easy pickup process Goodwill Industries employs. I called them on Monday afternoon regarding my used car donation and they picked up the car on Tuesday morning. It was great because I did not have to do much paperwork at all and all I needed to do other than that was change over the details of the car owner with the Department of Licensing at my local DOL. Pretty simple. I was looking into doing a trade in for a new car or just trashing the vehicle at the dump but these options just seemed fruitless. The trade in would have been essentially worthless (not accepted at many places) and the dump seemed to be a waste of resources for a car that could still be used for something.

In the end, I found that auto donation was the most appropriate option for me as I ended up helping a family in need as well as being able to qualify for tax deductions on my tax returns. It seems that with donating a vehicle, everyone wins in one way or another! I highly recommend this option.

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