Potential Clients are required to provide three things to National Charity Services before we can start working with a charitable organization.

  • Copy of your 501(c)3
    This is a status granted to non-profit organizations by the Internal Revenue Service. In order to have a vehicle donation program you must have this status.
    For more information about 501(c)3’s please check the following resources:

  • Copy of your Charter
    This can either be a copy of your organizations charter or it can be a copy of the last two years worth of annual reports. This is information is needed so that we can see what you do with the funds that are raised by your program. It is important to us that you are actually using the funds we raise for legitimate uses.

    *This requirement may be waived if your organization has a reputation in your community. This would require a long standing tradition or reputable service. In most cases your charity would need to be a household name.

  • Lastly we will need a letter on your company letter head stating who with in your organization is authorized to deal with National Charity Services.
    This letter will need to include the following:

    • Your Full Address
    • Who to make the checks payable to (This must be listed on your 501(c)3)
    • List of authorized agents
    • Signature of Director or President

    *If your account requires a contract then the contract may be used in substitute for the above mentioned letter.