Auction Vehicles

All cars sold at auction are sold using our dealer’s license. We do this to protect each donor from the liability of selling their car. This also helps in situations where there are title problems allowing us an opportunity to fix the problem without bothering the donor. Most of our auctions provide us a copy of the front and back of the title upon completion of each sale. These copies are maintained in either a digital format for 5 years or a paper format for 3 years.

Direct Buy Junk Vehicles

Recycling Centers We work with some of the largest salvage yards in the United States. Per our agreement with these organizations all vehicles sold to them are for scrap or dismantling purposes only. This agreement guarantees that they will not transfer ownership of the vehicles they purchase to any other party. In most cases vehicles sent to these organizations are recycled for their scrap metal value.

Direct Buy Dealers As with auction cars we require all direct buy dealers to either mail in the donors title or to provide proof of title transfer if they purchase one of our vehicles. This is an important element of any direct buy program. Finding the right organizations to do business with is easy and the way they handle their titles is directly related to the way they handle their business. If your vendors won’t give you a copy of the title then your doing business with the wrong people.

eBay Sales

When we sell an item on eBay we do so only after we have verified that the item has a sellable title. This is done by having the donor mail the title and/or registration into our office. We will then review the documents and make copies for potential buyers. National Charity Services guarantees delivery of titles on items we sell on eBay. If for some reason we are unable to deliver a fully transferable title we will refund the buyer for their purchase to include the cost of the item and any associated fees that they paid to National Charity Services. We can not be responsible for any additional charges the buyer may have incurred such as repairs, clean-up, or transportation. Be sure that you have a title completely in your name before spending any money on the item you purchased.