My experience in donating my car to charity was a lot easier and much smoother than I had originally thought it would be. I’ve heard stories of people having crazy experiences and lots of paperwork and hard times with car donation. With Goodwill Industries, all I have heard is positive feedback.

A friend of mine recently went to an event in D.C. put on by Goodwill Industries and, through it, decided to donate her unused car to charity. She had a car sitting in her front yard just waiting to eat up over a thousand dollars worth of repairs, but Goodwill Industries posed the option to her that she could donate her car with only minimal paperwork and no cost; thus getting the car off her hands for free!

Since she had a great experience participating in donation, I decided to do the same. It really was as easy as she said it would be! No cost, minimal paperwork, and really no hassle at all. It was nice to donate my old car to a charity so I knew I had made a good contribution to society.

One final thing I would like to say is about Goodwill. Another friend of mine in the D.C. area decided she wanted to be involved in auto donation when her car started sputtering and giving her a lot of trouble. She knew a trade in would not be worth the trouble but she wasn’t sure if they would accept a half broken down car. Goodwill assured her that any donation was accepted. Even if the car was not used for driving, the parts can be used to fix up other donated vehicles or to help people in need with broken down cars.

The main thing is that the contribution can help, even in a small way, to better another person’s life. That is one of the main reason I would recommend Goodwill Charities to anyone who wants to donate their car or has a broken down vehicle and doesn’t know what to do with it. These charities really care about helping the unfortunate in any way possible! In my opinion, vehicle donation is the way to go!

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