The tax law changes which came about in 2004 caused many non-profit and charity programs to shut down, and their valuable community services were stopped and the reason for this was because they were not able to keep the non-profit organization going because they could not gain the necessary funding. In an attempt to rescue charity organizations across the country, the automobile donation program began and over the years, is has proven to be very successful and is has been able to fund several charities and allow them to continue offering their services in communities that are in dire need of aid. The fundamental objective of the automobile donation project or program is simple, and it is to provide funding to non-profit organizations which, without such programs in place, would have to shut down. These non-profit organizations include the likes of the Goodwillâ„¢ Industries, both of which are well known charities and both offer invaluable assistance and aid to those who have been affected by disasters or families who have been hit by the current recession. These organizations work all over the country and offer important services to families that are needy of assistance. The automobile donation will create funds which are needed to allow them to continue with their work or alternatively, the automobile may be sold, and the proceeds of the sale will go towards funding for the charity, or directly to meet the needs of the family or group.

Automobile owners who believe that their vehicle is not suitable for an automobile donation, are advised that we will accept automobiles in all in conditions, and the car which is not in running condition will bring in funds by stripping the car for spares. The sale of the spares will be used for the funding of the charity organization, and as such, any type of automobile donation, no matter the condition or the age of the vehicle, is a selfless act and will go a long way in assisting an organization that is battling to stay afloat because of a lack of funding. The automobile donation is very common and in fact, donating a car is as common as donating used household goods or money and since the automobile donation process is expertly handled by Charity Dispatch, which will handle the collection of the automobile at no cost to the donor, those who would like to make an automobile donation will find our services to be very helpful.

Charity Dispatch is a specialist in automobile donations and more than offering assistance with an automobile donation, donors are free to make donations of SUVs, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and timeshares. Those making an automobile donation will not only be offering a helping hand to organizations that are in dire need of funds, but since the charities represented on our website are all IRS Approved non-profit organizations, the donor will benefit from a tax deduction with the automobile donation. Our toll free number, 800.506.0172, is continually manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by live operators, which means that any individuals or companies wanting to become part of the automobile donation program will be met with the assistance of Charity Dispatch to take care of the donation process. Feel free to browse the website,, for more information.