Are you interested in donating your car for charity?

Car for CharityThe Charity Dispatch website,, will give detailed information on how you can go about giving your car to charity, and our trained and efficient staff will help donors throughout the entire donation process. In addition to a car for charity, we also offer assistance to those who wish to donate their boat, SUV, motorcycle, timeshare and airplane and what’s more, we give donors the choice to decide on which charity they would like their donation to go to. Our toll free number, 800.506.0172, is manned by live operators on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis and this means when you are ready to donate your car for charity, Charity Dispatch will handle the entire donation process and we will take any type of car, in any condition, and furthermore, we will have the car for charity collected in less than 48 hours. For those who are unaware of the services which are provided by Charity Dispatch, our informative website will give internet users the chance to find out more about our services and how the decision to give a car for charity will help us provide non-profit and charity organizations around the country with the logistical and managerial support which they desperately need to allow them to continue with their charity work. The phrase ‘pay it forward’ applies in our case, and the car for charity will be used to allow charity organizations and other worthy non-profit groups to continue with their outstanding and valuable work in many communities.

What are the benefits to donating a car for charity?

The donor of the car for charity is free to choose different charity and non-profit organizations, such as the Goodwillâ„¢ Industries. When a car for charity is donated to Goodwill Industries, for instance, the car for charity will be used to assist those who have been affected by disasters, and if the car for charity is sold, the proceeds received from the car will be used to help workers find work and help children go back to school. Many may believe that their car is not a suitable donation for charity; however, cars which are not in working condition are valuable for parts. The decision of donating a car for charity is selfless and we will take care of the entire process by arranging a pick up of the car at no cost, and furthermore, the donation will earn you a tax break. Once the car is received, the charity will evaluate the car and figure out what is the best way forward, either to sell the car or to make use of the car as a vehicle to respond to various disaster situations.

What type of organizations take a car for charity?

Since the charities which are represented on our website are IRS approved non-profit organizations, when a car is given for charity, the donor will be able to claim the value of the car for charity. However, this is a small benefit of donating a car for charity, and the donor will be making a difference in the lives of people who are affected by unemployment, or those who have been affected by disasters. If you are keen to learn more about how to donate a car for charity, feel free to visit the website and let Charity Dispatch offer valuable assistance during the entire car for charity donation process.