What is a charity vehicle? It is a car, truck, van, SUV, boat, motorcycle, time share, or airplane that you no longer need and you simply choose to donate to charity. Through Charity Dispatch, you can easily and quickly make a donation that will provide your chosen charity with the resources they need to help others. There are a number of Goodwillâ„¢ Chapters that accept car donations listed at www.charitydispatch.com. Many of the charities that Charity Dispatch represents operate nationwide. If you have an old car sitting in your yard, you can use it as a charity vehicle that will make a difference in many people’s lives.

Not only will others benefit when you donate a charity vehicle to a charity. It will also make you a good neighbor. Having an old car in your yard can hurt property values. When you donate your old vehicle, you will have a new piece of lawn that will provide you with room for other items that are more appealing and make your neighbors appreciate you more. Sometimes these vehicles are even ticketed and towed. Many people just don’t think about doing anything with their old vehicles and they don’t realize how important a charity vehicle can be. Whether it is in perfect driving condition or on its last legs, Charity Dispatch will take it as long as they can get it on the tow truck.

Another benefit to you for donating your old car as a charity vehicle is that you will get a tax credit for your donation. When you donate a car, you automatically get a credit of at least $500. At the same time, your charity vehicle will be used to help those in need. People who are disadvantaged and disabled will get the job skills and training they need to become competitive in the workplace and you may also get your community the resources and supplies they need during an emergency. The proceeds from the vehicle will go towards the charity that you designate and help them do what they do best which is helping those in need when they need it most.

It may not be possible for everyone to give money to help those in need even when they would like to take part in relief efforts. Donating a charity vehicle is a great way to give to others and it helps you at the same time. No matter what the condition of your old vehicle is, it will help a charity give aid to those who are suffering due to events that are beyond their control. It doesn’t even matter if your car is still running or not, it will have value as a charity vehicle. Even though you don’t have cash available, you may have something that could make a world of difference to others just sitting in your yard waiting for you to make that call. Call 866-829-2918 and a representative of Charity Dispatch will help you take the steps to donate your vehicle so you can feel good about doing your part!