Charity Dispatch is an organization that gives logistical and managerial support to non-profit organizations in order to help them to achieve maximum profitability from all fund raising efforts. They help organizations create, implement, and manage vehicle donation programs all across the US. Since the tax law changes of 2004, the vehicle donation industry has seen some turbulent times with many charities abandoning their programs all together. When you donate a vehicle to a charity, Charity Dispatch helps them with the funding or manpower they need to get it to the right person or for the right use.

If you don’t know what steps to take when you are ready to donate a vehicle, start online at and follow the online instructions on how to donate a vehicle. You will start by filling out an online vehicle donation application. Afterwards, you will receive an email to confirm that your application has been received. Within one business day, the transport company will call you to arrange pick up of your vehicle donation. Charity Dispatch will also send you an email with the direct phone number to the transport company so that you can call them directly to get your donated vehicle picked up.

The receipt for when you donate a vehicle will be delivered to you when the auto or vehicle donation is picked up. You can also rest assured that your email will not be added to any commercial mailing lists and will only be used to send you information about your vehicle donation. When you make the choice to donate a vehicle, you are making a significant contribution with something may have no value to you at all. You may even be doing some spring cleaning and want to get rid of the clutter in and around your home. Whether your used car is operating or not it can make a huge difference to the Goodwillâ„¢.

You can donate a vehicle as part of your spring cleaning and help a number of people make a new start. The profits from car donations are used by different charities in a variety of ways. Some of those that have car donation programs use the money for job skill development and training to help people go to work. You will benefit by getting rid of something that is sitting in your yard or garage unused and they will be able to attain valuable resources like food and water during a crisis or skills that are necessary to be competitive in the work place.

It is so easy to donate a vehicle with a quick phone call or few minutes online so you can make some space for something new and feel good about helping people at the same time. Your community will enjoy the benefits and you will also have the benefit of a great tax credit. If you have never considered getting rid of your old vehicle by donating it to charity, go to and see how much it can help when you donate a vehicle.