It is no secret that car donation is extremely important to a lot of charities. When you donate cars to charity it helps the charity to raise revenue. At Charity Dispatch, it is their job to help you donate cars to charity. All you have to do is your part – and that is, donate unwanted or unused cars. Apart from donation of cars, Charity Dispatch will also help you donate the following vehicles:
” Vans
” SUVs
” Boats
” Motorcycles
” Trucks
” Airplanes
” Or time share

Okay, What Do I Hope To Gain if I donate cars to Charity?
” If you choose to donate cars to charity, you will not only get the opportunity to get rid of the cars you are no longer using but also get to help the less privileged in the society as well.
” If you donate a car to charity just once, you will notice that you will feel quite warm inside you.
” You will also notice that other people will admire your generosity and will also be encouraged to donate cars to charity as well – translation: you will be a positive influence to other people.
” You will be an encouragement to other people who have cars lying around their driveways or garages and not wanting to donate these cars to charity.
” You also have the opportunity to enjoy the reward that comes with donating cars too charity in the United States which is tax rebate.

So What Will Happen When I donate cars to Charity?
As in all cases, cars donated to charity are sold to the highest bidder by a registered and reputable charity car auction. This way, there are no delays and the chances of fraud are totally eliminated. So you see, donating cars to charity is really quite simple. When you donate cars to charity you will really save yourself the hassles of selling your cars and to also give you the opportunity of supporting your charity as well. So what are you waiting for, donate your car to charity now!

Donating cars to charity is quite easy:

” In order to donate cars to charity; you will need to first choose a non-profit organization from the list of charities to which you wish to donate a car. At Charity Dispatch, you can choose from their list of charities and even ask questions from their well trained staff if you want to get more information on donating cars to charity.
” At Charity Dispatch you can fill out their donation form on the internet or simply call their toll free number. Typically, at Charity Dispatch you will be able to talk with a live donor rep, 24 hours a day and 7days a week. Seriously, you can call anytime you want regarding car donation information.
” Charity Dispatch will enter your information into their computer system immediately and will help pick up your vehicle from your garage, driveway or wherever it is parked.