One easy way to make a difference in your community is often overlooked. To donate a used vehicle is often times as important as when you donate your time to any one group, maybe even better. Your used vehicle will go to someone who needs reliable transportation and may not otherwise be able to afford it. Plus, there are many perks created by the government for people who donate a used vehicle.
The benefits of why you should donate a used vehicle:
” Keeps your yard clean
” Is an excellent way to help someone in need
” A great tax write off for the following year
” Know that you are making a difference in a person’s life
No one likes to drive through a subdivision or even a country road and sees abandoned cars decorating the area. Homes that have one car sitting unused in the driveway is bad enough, but some people even collect two or more cars and leave them in the driveway or yard when they aren’t needed. What a waste!

If you donate a used vehicle, it not only cleans up your yard and driveway, but it will make your neighbors happy as well. They don’t have to look at your storage pile and wish it were gone (or even call the local authorities).
No matter how new or used your car is, when you donate a used vehicle that runs it will change someone else’s life. Whether that person can’t afford a car or needs one to have reliable transportation to get to a job so that they can in the future, you’ve made a difference. The car could get someone to school, provide a reliable way to get to a hospital or doctor appointment or even allow someone to keep a job they desperately needed.
The government recognizes people who donate a used car by giving tax incentives to do so. The lowest amount you can get is $500, no matter what condition the car is in. It does need to run, and different local charities may have other rules in order to receive your car, so check with them before you donate a used car.

You can also donate boats, trailers, SUVs, trucks, RVs or any type of vehicle with an engine if you are no longer using it and someone else might.
Instead of going the consumer route with your vehicle, like trying to sell it to a dealer or taking it to a junk yard and seeing what it is worth. Try the other route. Donate your used vehicle and feel great about doing it, because you know it will help someone else. Those couple hundred dollars immediately in your pocket wouldn’t last long anyway, so having a few hundred more the following year at tax time will be even better.
To begin the process to donate a used vehicle, call or email Charity Dispatch. They will hook you up with a local charity that will receive your car quickly.