Do you have a used car sitting in the driveway that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe your parents are aging and no longer need their car, but you know it isn’t worth much money? Heck, maybe you are staring at a neighbor’s yard and wish they would get rid of the used vehicle in their driveway. Donating a vehicle to a charity may be the answer you are searching for! Charity Dispatch is a non-profit organization that can help you get the ball rolling.
Steps to Donating a vehicle:
” Get a hold of the local donations office
” Schedule the time you will drop it off
” Have the title and any other paperwork needed for transfer
” Get your receipt for the transaction
” Keep the receipt and use it for tax write offs the next year
Charity Dispatch will make Donating a vehicle a quick and easy process for you.

The first phone call you need to make is to them to get the process started. They will get information on the car, such as year, mileage, condition, etc. Then they will search for charities in your area that accept used cars, trucks, boats, campers or SUVs. Not every charity has the capacity to accept cars, but they will find that out for you. Donating a vehicle can be very easy, because many groups will even come and pick it up! Sometimes if the car needs repairs or a bit of work to make it road ready, a local towing company will make arrangements to work with the charity and provide transport of these vehicles. That allows you to safely remove your car without having to drive it or pay to have it towed yourself.
Once you have begun donating your vehicle, you need to find the title of the car so you can transfer it over.

The paperwork must be signed in order for you to legally claim the tax write off and for the other person to be in possession of the car. The car is probably paid off; therefore the title should be in your files and not still being held by the bank or state agency. Have the title out and available when or if they are picking up the car.
Once the title is handed over and signed, the charity you are Donating a vehicle to will give you paperwork, stating the value of the car. This value that is stated on the paperwork is what you claim on your taxes the following year. It should be a complete 100% write off, unless your state has different rules or exceptions. Don’t lose the paperwork, because it will be hard to get copies of it if you need it several months later.
Call or email Charity Dispatch and they will begin the process of Donating a vehicle for you. It is really easy to do, once you make the first call and decide to do it. Know that you are making a difference in the life of another person by your actions.