The Goodwill car donation project is very important to keep the community going. Not only is the program meant to hand someone a car, but it might also do several other things you hadn’t thought about in the community and in the life of person receiving it. If you’ve never thought about a Goodwill car donation, maybe you should start investigating how it can benefit your life when you do.
How a Goodwill car donation makes a difference:
” Keeps the car from decorating your lawn, yard or street
” Keeps the neighbors from calling the police on you for said car
” Gives you a great tax write off
” Allows someone in need the opportunity to have a car
” Someone in need of reliable transportation can now get and keep a job
” Being able to afford a car improves the self esteem of the person receiving it
There is nothing worse than seeing a nice neighborhood fall to pieces.

One of the many things that makes a neighborhood decline fast is old and no longer used cars sitting in driveways, parked in yards or taking up room on the road. It doesn’t even have to be an old car – any car sitting and not being used is an eyesore. The Goodwill car donation program will keep your neighborhood clean – as long as people utilize it!
The Goodwill car donation program can also keep peace in the neighborhood. Instead of a neighbor or two continually calling the police, having tickets and warnings mailed to you to get rid of the vehicle or even having shouting matches from driveway to driveway, you can have a clean yard. Certain charities will even come and pick up the vehicle, meaning all you need to do is make the phone call.
Once you make the phone call for the Goodwill car donation, they provide paperwork that you use the following year when you file your income taxes. Each car is worth at least $500 immediately for a deduction.

Cars that are newer and in better condition will get more money, may be up to thousands of dollars in 100% tax write off categories. The government recognizes the need for Goodwill car donations and does their part to encourage the process.
The Goodwill car donation program not only helps you clean up your yard and remain friends with neighbors, but it allows you to help the community in greater ways. A person who couldn’t otherwise get a job might now have one because they have reliable transportation. Someone who had to rely on family members or taxis to get to the doctor now has a way to make it on their own. A student who relied on unreliable public transportation can now get to classes without worry.
To get your Goodwill car donation started, simply email or call Charity Dispatch. They will start the process for you by locating a local charity that will come and pick up your car and get the proper paperwork to you.