One of the best things you can do as a member of the community is to give Goodwill a car. Those donated cars are not just given or allowed for purchase by anyone, but someone who truly has a need and cannot afford an expensive price tag on even a used car. Charity Dispatch is a non-profit organization that can facilitate the donating to Goodwill car program on your behalf. The process is usually pretty quick and easy, and gets you some cash in your pocket as well!
How to give Goodwill a car:
” Call and see where their donation office is and what their hours are
” Schedule a drop off/pick up time where you can fill out paperwork
” Take appropriate paperwork for the transaction, usually the title
” Clean the car out of any possessions from the trunk and the interior
” Be ready when the pick up person arrives
Charity Dispatch has a record of all the donation places where a Goodwill car can be accepted. Not all locations can accept cars, due to space or constraints within their own business. However, many times they will be willing to drive a ways and come pick up your vehicle.

If you don’t care about the drive, you can call and arrange a time when you can drop it off as well.
Once the drop off or pick up time is arranged for your Goodwill car donation, you can start the paperwork process. This is usually painless and just involves getting the title out and ready to transfer. If there is an inspection required for your state, Goodwill will handle those details as they get a break in pricing and requirements from the government as well.
When the time comes for you to give Goodwill a car, make sure it is clean. Yes, they are taking the car off your hands that might have been littering the driveway or your yard, but it should at least be clean for them.

Remove any trash or personal items from inside the car or trunk and make it presentable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on detailing or cleaning, but remove all the objects from it.
If your Goodwill car is being picked up, be home when they arrive. Schedule the appointment for when it is convenient for you, but don’t forget about it. The drivers of the tow truck or whoever will be driving your car are usually volunteers as well, so their time is important too. If you are ready when they arrive, it only takes a few minutes to sign over the title, the receipt and whatever other papers are required by the government and your state to allow the transfer.
Charity Dispatch will handle any other details that need to be taken care of before your Goodwill car transaction is done. If you have any questions during the process, call them 24/7 and they will be happy to answer anything you can ask.