One of the first things one will notice when he/she comes across Charity Dispatch is the ease at which a vehicle can be donated. The process is simple: just place a phone call to a friendly Charity Dispatch representative, find out which charity you would like to donate a car to, gather as much information regarding taxes and such, then arrange to have the car picked up. Donating a vehicle to a charity of your choice has so many benefits for everyone, not just the charity that is fortunate enough to receive this kind donation, and Charity Dispatch is ready to answer all these questions. If you are worried about having to arrange for towing then having to pay for these services just so you will be able to donate a car, then put these concerns to rest by consulting with this company. First off, someone from the charity will come and drive your car away totally free of charge. However, if the car is not in good running condition and requires towing services, then this is also easily arranged at no cost to you! In most cases, the vehicle can be off your property as fast as within 24-48 hours and it will soon be put towards helping some families and people in need. So do not worry if your car is a “junker” because the charity of your choice can sell the parts and still make a profit that will be put towards a noble cause. So just go online and get them a call! It is really that simple.

Aside from having the good feeling of knowing you have helped someone in need, there are other benefits that come when you want to donate a car. For example, most people are not aware of the fact that donating a vehicle to a charity organization is a great tax write-off. And if the vehicle was just taking up space on your property but you do not have the resources to have it towed somewhere, this is just another reason to donate a car to a charity since they do all that for you.