Summer is winding down and that means so will our electricity bills thanks to us not needing to use as much air conditioning. A lot of vehicles will also be getting much needed relief from zealous air conditioning lovers. In fact many air conditioners have simply given out after no longer being able to keep up with the strain caused by multiple heat waves. Not to mention vehicles damaged by flooding or debris sent flying during what has been a very active thunderstorm season. We’ve all felt the burn this summer and some of us have vehicles that couldn’t stand the heat. Often times when a vehicle’s air conditioning unit breaks down it can be a costly problem to fix. For those who can’t or don’t want to pay to get their car repaired, vehicle donation is a great option.

If your car is on its last leg or suffered from summer burn out, charity dispatch can help. Just go online or give us a call and we’ll work with you throughout the entire donation process from start to finish. Vehicle donation is a quick, easy process and best of all its free! When you decide to donate a car to charity you are helping your local charity, the environment and yourself in the form of a nifty tax deduction. The condition of the vehicle doesn’t matter. We’ll make sure your car donation counts, you can drop it off or we can even pick it up. This summer has been memorable and what better way to begin the fall season by putting your best foot forward and donating your car. There’s no need to keep a clunker when you can donate your car

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