Fundraisers are private companies that work with nonprofit organizations to assist them in raising money through various programs. By working with several charities, fundraisers are able to provide advertising and other services that would be prohibitively expensive for individual charities to provide for themselves.

Fundraisers are key events when it comes to vehicle donation programs. They provide towing services, auto auctions and clerical support for the charities who work with them. Individual charities would not be able to use car donation programs without them, as the cost of providing the necessary equipment and personnel would be greater than the proceeds of sales.

In addition, fundraisers provide advertising through newspapers, television, radio and the Internet to bring attention to the charities’ programs. When you donate a used car to a charity, the fundraiser handles the details of the pickup and sale, and the charity receives the proceeds, less the cost of title transfer and the fundraiser’s fee. In most cases, 40% to 60% of the proceeds of the sale go to the charity.

The convenience of having your car picked up within 24 to 48 hours after you contact your charity program to make the donation is possible due to fundraisers. They are aware of the tax laws and will provide you with the correct forms for your deductible contribution. Since fundraisers work with several charities, you can donate your car to a particular charity or you can allow all the charities supported by the fundraiser to share in the proceeds.

The gift of your donated used car is important to charities today. Many receive between 20% and 80% of their funding through these programs. With the economy in a serious downturn, cash donations are less available while the demand for charitable services is rising. If you have a car that you are not using, whether it is running or not, consider using it as a donation to a charity that provides important services in your community.

Fundraisers provide vital services to charities by allowing them to participate in auto donation programs regardless of the size of their organization. Many deserving charities could not continue to function without their services.

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