If you haven’t heard about the latest economy flop, then you have probably been hiding under a rock somewhere. Likewise, some of the companies that took the biggest hits were auto companies. Detroit hasn’t been in a good way in a couple of years, and this is having an impact on charitable organizations. Charities like Goodwill Industries depend upon used car donation more than most people realize, and when you can’t get much for a car, it hurts their ability to do business.

The non-profit organizations that rely upon vehicle donation for their livelihood will be glad to hear that some economists think the recession could be over by the end of this year. Though new President Obama has not been quite as ambitious with his goal for climbing out of the mess, it is apparent that there are many people around the industry who feel that the automotive companies are about to get a leg up.

What this will impact is how much charities are able to get for scrap metal and old cars. Currently, when you donate auto parts or scrap metal to a charity, you are only able to claim $500 on your tax return. Because they will likely be able to sell these things for a little bit more in the coming months, charitable giving figures to be up a little bit.

Though there are good feelings surrounding the industry, that is no guarantee that things are going to get better quickly. Still, charities are optimistic that they will see an increase in the already strong vehicle donation market that they have been depending upon so heavily. This is true for those who donate a car and those who donate auto parts and just scrap metal, as the value of both should rise accordingly.

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