In the last few months, profitable organizations have done their absolute best to solicit donations from just about everyone. One of the primary focuses over the past decade has been vehicle donation. Charities like Goodwill Industries have found it much easier to get the most out of big donations of this kind than they have out of smaller donations. With that in mind, they have set out their primary advertising budget to let people know about the benefits of charitable auto donation.

What the organizations are trying to get across to people now is that you don’t have to just donate a car to charity in order to make a difference. They take all sorts of large donations and many charities have become quite adept at flipping those large items for the funds they need to make a difference. Though I might not donate my car to charity more quickly than some other item around my home, there are a number of things that might be slightly less valuable lying around the yard.

Specifically, charities are looking for boats, motors, trailers, and things of that nature. The idea behind this type of large donation is that the charities can go about the business of selling the items themselves, sometimes being able to get more value for them than you would. You will find that donating a boat or something of the sort to charity will give you a similar type of tax exemption as vehicle donation would. The rules associated with taking tax breaks are the same, however, so you will need to adhere to those government standards. Still, this is the ultimate win-win situation, whereby the charity gets to do their good work and you get to take a little break on your taxes by simply getting rid of something that you don’t need.

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