We have all seen advertising, be it on television or elsewhere, about vehicle donation programs that are used by fundraisers to help charities raise money. When natural disasters strike, the outpouring of support, for Goodwill and other charities, shows just what our great country is made of. During calmer times, however, charity work keeps on going, and the need for funds is constant and ongoing, Boat donations have been a Godsend for fundraisers helping these charities.

You may have heard the funny definition of a boat that goes something like this: pieces of wood surrounding a hole into which one pours money, or something like that. The truth is, boats CAN become quite expensive, especially as they get older and start to need frequent repair. If you own a boat, you probably know what I am talking about. If you own a boat that has been sitting around unused for some time because you can’t find the money to repair it, you might think about donating your boat to charity. A simple call to your local Goodwill chapter will answer any questions you have about boat donation procedures, which will require very little effort on your part.

The fundraiser that will use your boat donation to help raise money for Goodwill will pick up and transport your boat at no charge to you, and instead of sinking more money down a never ending drain, the tax deduction for your benevolence will bring a smile to your face, and also to the faces of the families that your donation ultimately helps.

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