Much has been made of the process by which people gain tax exemptions through their vehicle donation to certain charities. In fact, charities of all kinds take in these vehicles and then sell them off for valuable funds that can be used in other ventures. Lots of folks know that you can donate your car to Goodwill Industries, helping the greater good and gaining an important tax break in the process. What people don’t understand a lot of times though, is that you can get similar tax exemptions based upon scrap car metal.

While the price of vehicles has gone down as the economy has hit a slide, the price of scrap metal has held steady. This is why lots of generous people donate auto parts instead of simply donating a slightly used car. They have a car sitting around their yard or in an empty lot and they understand that by selling it for the scrap metal, they can get unique and sustainable value. This is another option that I might have if I wanted to donate my car to charity.

The fact of the matter is that there are lots of little ways to save money and get ahead when the economy is clearly headed down. People don’t like to look for these things, and in the end they miss out on valuable tax breaks like the one mentioned here. Scrap metal is not as valuable as a new or used car to be certain, but there is still a lot of value that you can get out of the old clunker sitting in your yard. The best thing is that when you donate a car, you are helping out people that are less fortunate than you, as well. This, in turn, creates something of a win-win situation.

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