You have a big heart. You watch a national disaster like Hurricane Katrina strike, and you wish you could help somehow. But you already work two jobs to support your five kids, and what little time left over is used for recreational activities such as sleep. But your heart aches for the victims, and you still long to help, even though any extra money you have is used for luxuries such as winter boots for your 5-year old. The good news is, if you have an extra car not being used, maybe one your miserable ex was too lazy to fix up and sell, you can still help by donating that car.

The local chapter of Goodwill in D.C. is ready and willing to come tow your donated car and sell it to raise money to aid the very victims you have seen waving from their rooftops in New Orleans, the shell-shocked survivors of the giant tsunami a few years ago, the earthquake survivors digging out from the devastation that you see several times a year, be it in L.A., Mt Saint Helens, or anywhere across the globe.

Mother Nature is not particular when she decides to rear her furious side, and alongside these victims you will see the sign of Goodwill and their volunteers doing  lifesaving work. Quite a good bit of the money raised to fund these humanitarian efforts is from the car donations of the giant-hearted  people just like you.

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