There is a very good reason Goodwill Industries took its name. The very act of giving to a charitable cause, be it in the form of money, time, clothing, or a car donation, is such a magnanimous act that it brings as much joy to the person on the giving end as it does to the recipient of the donated item. With 10 percent of the work force currently unemployed, the need has seldom been greater than right now for donations to help those financially strapped, as many in our nation face foreclosure and if not already homeless, soon will be.

It might be that you yourself would like to help, but have no money to give, nor a car to donate. If you hear of one of these car donation events through Goodwill Industries or the Goodwill, you can still help if you can spare a few hours to volunteer your services. The need for volunteers never ends, and every dollar saved in administrative costs can ultimately be used to provide the truly needy with the necessities of life like food, shelter, and clothing, along with diapers and formula for infants of families in need.

If you do have a car you are willing to donate, so much the better. In fact, any type of vehicle will do, including bicycles, scooters, trucks, boats, RV’s, you name it, if it can be sold, it can be donated, and the goodwill you bring to others will manifest itself to heavenly goodwill in your heart.

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