Why Should I Make a Car Donation in Florida?

If you look around you will see many different charitable organizations helping out the people in your neighborhood. They are bring meals on wheels to the elderly, helping seniors with their shopping and getting single moms to a wide range of appointments . No matter what these charities are doing, it involves some form of transportation. If you make a car donation in Florida, the vehicle you give will end up making it much easier for these charities to their jobs.

Your car donation in Florida can be made to the charity of your choice and is fully tax deductible. Once you make your donation the car will be put to good use. If the organization does not need it for one of their many tasks, they may know of someone in your community that is need of a car in order to get a job or get to their doctors’ appointments. Your donation can make a big difference in so many peoples’ lives and will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

If you would like more information about making a car donation in Florida contact Charity Dispatch.

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