Giving Others a Chance to Rebuild

Suffering a disaster such as a flood or hurricane does more than just take away everything that you own, but it makes it hard to get back to life as normal. Consider the loss of a car for instance, without a car you would be unable to find a place to live, get back and forth to work or even take your kids to the doctor or school. Car donation in Maryland is just one of the many ways that you can help families get back on their feet after a disaster.

If you have a car that is sitting and you are not ever going to need it, it is just as simple as calling Charity Dispatch, they will make sure that your car is picked up from your home with no cost for you, and delivered to a charity that will then make sure it gets to a family that needs it most. Recovering from a disaster is hard enough, but not having the necessary tools you need to do so is devastating, your spare car and Charity Dispatch can help.

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