Goodwill Industries has come up with an innovative and helpful new program, one that is meant to put people in homes and provide a life to local communities all over the United States. It is a program patterned after many of the best charitable efforts in the country and offers a similar objective as one previously carried out by charities. The “Wish Program”, as it is being called, seeks to grant families their ultimate wish – a suitable home.

The program is interesting for one reason in particular. It uses the specific vehicle donation of charitable donors in order to accommodate for the wishes of certain families. Though the latest program was unveiled in the southeastern United States, similar programs have popped up in other regions, as well. The basic idea behind the program is that people will donate a car to charity in order to get the ball rolling. Because putting people in a home is not a small or inexpensive task, the organization has set out to take up what it refers to as large donations. When you donate your car to charity, they can sell the vehicle and use the funds from that sale to help accommodate needy families.

Charities seem to be going more and more to this type of donation program, mostly because of the fact that auto donation can bring in a large sum of money rather quickly. The program works off of the donations of used cars, which can either be very valuable or not so valuable. For people who want to make a vehicle donation, the benefits are very real. A donation, at least in this sense, is not a thankless act. The government allows people to write off their donation for the total sale amount, meaning a potential of thousands of dollars saved if the situation merits that amount.

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