It’s heart of summer and most people are enjoying the season and having loads of fun. It’s also one of the most important times of the year to drive safe. Driving safe is extremely important especially during the summer when more people are traveling to their vacation destinations or learning to drive for the first time. Another very important part of driving safely is driving a safe car and if your car doesn’t exactly meet modern day safety standards it may be time to make a vehicle donation and charity dispatch can help. Donating a car is free, easy and takes less than ten minutes. All you have to do is call in and provide some basic information and your car will be picked up in just a few days. We work with amazing charities like Goodwill which will use the proceeds from your vehicle donation to continue their missions of keeping people safe and employed. Donating a car will not only help your local charity to continue working to improve your community, it will help you be safe on the road.

Safe driving is about more than knowing the road and being familiar with your surroundings it’s also driving a car that meets safety requirements and can be operated properly. Not having to worry about your car having mechanical issues on the road allows you to focus more on the road and be aware of what’s going on around you. Even the most skilled driver can become a safety hazard on the road if their vehicle isn’t in good enough condition to be driven. So don’t put yourself on anyone else in danger on the road donate your car and help keep the roads safe. Not only will your car donation improve the road conditions it will also improve your tax situation by providing you with a deduction. So stop procrastinating, do your part and make safer roads, better taxes and better communities a possibility by donating your car to charity.

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