There is little doubt that America is the most generous nation on Earth, from our response to disasters such as the giant tsunami several years ago in the Far East, the giant chemical explosion in India, earthquake relief efforts the world over, and our massive foreign aid efforts to impoverished nations across the earth, especially in Africa. While most of  these lifesaving measures are determined by our politicians in Washington, charity really begins at home, and the local D.C. chapters of Charity Dispatch, and Goodwill Industries make sure that our local people in need get all the help possible, using car donation fundraisers as a key strategy to raise the necessary funds.

People donate cars to charity for more reasons than you might think. Some of these reasons include:

1. A car has been sitting idle for a year or two after a spouse has died. It is an older car that has little value, and the efforts required to sell it directly, and costs associated with advertising the sale are not worth going through the hassle of trying to sell it.

2. The dealership that a person is buying a new car through has made it clear that the car has very little trade-in value. The tax deduction you may claim for donating the car may be equal to or greater than that.

3. Goodwill has helped people you know, and you just want to give back to the people in your community with a car donation that will help fund these volunteer efforts.

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