Spring is almost here and around this time of the year many people like to remove the clutter from their lives and start fresh. Most start by cleaning there homes and getting rid of old items they don’t use anymore. Some have garage sales and others donate cars, clothes and appliances along with other items to charities like Goodwill. The donated items are usually sent to stores and sold at discount prices or simply given to those in need. This process is mutually beneficial because the donor gets to relieve themselves of things that they no longer want and their old junk can become someone else’s new treasure or pet project.

Donating your car is another form of spring cleaning that can help a number of people make a new start. Proceeds from car donations are used by charities in a variety of ways. Some charities with car donation programs use the funds to purchase much needed supplies for emergency preparedness while others may use the profits for job skill development and training. Donating a car benefits the donor as much as the charity. You are able to clear out something that is no longer of use to you and help someone else attain invaluable resources such as food and water during a crisis or skills that are necessary to be competitive in the work place.

Donating a car has never been easier, with a quick phone call or few minutes online you can clear out space for something new and help people in the process. Your car donation will help a number of people by providing the charities they depend on with vital resources. Your community will benefit as well as your tax refund and old cars will find a new home or purpose thanks to your generous car donation.

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