Statistics from a vehicle survey in 2002 put the number of cars and trucks populating America at over 215 million vehicles. Other stats from 2001 and 2002 put the number of ‘scrapped’ vehicles in each of those years at over 14 million each year. By doing a little math, it looks like about 6.5 percent of vehicles in America hit the scrapyard each year. Instead of calling a junkyard to come tow your vehicle, which might well charge you to come tow it away, it makes sense to call a charity.

A call to Goodwill, who will use your car donation for a myriad of great causes, will result in your car or truck being picked up and removed for free, usually within 24-48 hours. Your vehicle may have outlived its usefulness to you, but it might prove very useful to the less fortunate, and Goodwill will make certain the money raised, whether it be from spare parts sales or scrap metal sales, will be put to great use. Vehicles with life left in them can be refurbished and the vehicle is then given to a person in dire need of transportation.

To be sure, an unwanted car can be donated for whatever reason, whether it is not worth fixing, whether or not it is running, or is not being used for any reason. If it is sitting around gathering dust and rust, the tax deduction your car donation brings makes economic sense to you, and brings much needed money to the charity.

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