Car Donations Maryland – What are Your Options?

While it is getting harder and harder to find a charity that will accept car donations in Maryland, there are still those that will. The difference is that now these charities accept their donations through a third party who takes care of all of the complicated paperwork for them. It is more financially feasible for them to allow a third party to do so than it is for them to try to do it themselves. This means that you can feel confident that when you give your car to charity that the charity you are gifting it too will get as much money as possible from its sales.

Charity Dispatch handles the car donations in Maryland for Goodwill, once we pick up the cars and other vehicles on their behalf we get them ready and sell them at auction. Once they are sold we transfer the money for their sale to the charity that you specify, it could not be easier or more efficient for you or for the charity.

Please visit the Charity Dispatch website for more information about car donations in Maryland.

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