The big hearted spirit of Americans is being put to use in many clever ways to raise money for the down and out, the needy, the people in this great country who are temporarily down on their luck.

It would be a good guess that every organization with more than 100 members, be it a high school graduating class, a college fraternity or sorority, a church, an Elks Lodge or local Chamber of Commerce members, has within its own membership somebody who is in the automobile business. With a little ingenuity, this group should be able to come up with a donated car which can be raffled off, with the proceeds used to fund volunteer efforts of charities such as Goodwill Industries. The donated car does not have to be new, although raffles have been successfully held after working out a deal with a local car dealer, who graciously allows the car to be demonstrated off-premises before payment is made. Some dealers will donate a used car for free, knowing the karma from the car donation will come back to him many times over in the form of future sales to group members who are so thankful for the donation.

Group members then sell the raffle tickets, and rarely need to even go outside their own membership to sell enough tickets to raise the money needed to fund the charity efforts this country is famous for. In one instance I know of, the winner of the donated car then re-donated the car to charity, to be given away to a family in dire need. A true win-win if there ever was one.

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