Car To Charity – Help Benefit a Local Shelter in your Area

Regardless of what condition your car is in, most charities will accept it, once they do the car will either be fixed up and sold at auction or it will be scrapped for its metal price. Regardless of which one occurs the money for donating your car to charity will go directly towards helping those in need. In many cases the money will go to homeless shelters and shelters for battered women, the cost of your car at auction is a significant amount of money for the shelter so you can be assured that you have given a significant donation to help those in need.

You may also find that car you donate will go to benefit food banks or other charities in your area, or if you prefer you may be able to see your car go directly to someone that needs it. Charity Dispatch will pick your car up and send it to the charity that needs it most, as long as you have a title you can be rid of your unwanted cars fast and easy.

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