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Car Donation Events Bring Joy And Goodwill To Everyone

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There is a very good reason Goodwill Industries took its name. The very act of giving to a charitable cause, be it in the form of money, time, clothing, or a car donation, is such a magnanimous act that it brings as much joy to the person on the giving end as it does to the recipient of the donated item. With 10 percent of the work force currently unemployed, the need has seldom been greater than right now for donations to help those financially strapped, as many in our nation face foreclosure and if not already homeless, soon will be.

It might be that you yourself would like to help, but have no money to give, nor a car to donate. If you hear of one of these car donation events through Goodwill Industries or the Goodwill, you can still help if you can spare a few hours to volunteer your services. The need for volunteers never ends, and every dollar saved in administrative costs can ultimately be used to provide the truly needy with the necessities of life like food, shelter, and clothing, along with diapers and formula for infants of families in need.

If you do have a car you are willing to donate, so much the better. In fact, any type of vehicle will do, including bicycles, scooters, trucks, boats, RV’s, you name it, if it can be sold, it can be donated, and the goodwill you bring to others will manifest itself to heavenly goodwill in your heart.

What Kind Of Events Do Charities Use Donated Cars In?

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There are many ways your auto donation can benefit others and help them get back on their feet in the event of tragedy, unexpected loss or homelessness. Charities such as Goodwill Industries make it their goal to make money off of your donated car to then give to underprivileged persons. Here are three examples of events charities hold and ways your donated automobile give hope to a hurting person, community or family.

Donating the actual car to a family or individual is the most common form of used car donation. You can donate a car to charity for the very purpose of it being given directly to a needy family. Instead of your old, unused car sitting in your driveway and collecting rust, it can be given to someone who needs it! In many cases these cars will be sold to these families at an extremely low price, but in some cases, the cars are given directly to the family or individual. Either way, a needy family benefits from your used, donated car.

Another way charities benefit others through cars is by having a car auction. You donate your car to charity and it is then auctioned off to the highest bidder. This insures that the car is sold at a good price for the funds to be directed toward the needy.

A third way to benefit from car donation is through car shows. Vintage car owners show off their cars in order to attract attention to the certain event. People come to share in the event experience and hear about the benefits of car donation. Food vendor and other types of entertainment may also be involved. In addition to the car show, there may be some used car sales and auctions.

Whatever the event, these funds, donations and benefits are life savers for those in need. Generous people like you who donate their used car will gain a sense of good will and kindness from your gift and those in need will benefit as well.

Throwing a Car Donation Event

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With a little bit of help and a lot of generosity, a car donation event can help bring communities together and provide a sense of goodwill throughout your city. There are many hurting individuals across the nation that do not have the funds to supply their families with a car. This limits their ability to find and keep a job, transport their children to school, sports and events and live everyday life as most of us have become accustomed to. Every family deserves the right to own a car.

That is why individuals, families and charity organizations have come together to make a difference and provide people with basic amenities of life. Events are an excellent way to provide this kind of service! There are literally hundreds of ways to throw an auto donation event but one idea is all that is needed to make a difference. Passing out flyers from home to home, word of mouth invitations and notifying friends who in turn pass the information on to other friends is a common way to get the word out about a “donate your car” event. Charities such as Goodwill Industries are well established, greatly respected charities that benefit greatly from car donations. They throw used car donation events regularly and are always in need of a hand in operating these functions. If you are looking to be involved in a charity event, here is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Or if you hear of one of their events, even if you can’t make it, pass the news on to someone who can! Or donate your used vehicle or old clothing and items you don’t need to charity.

Many people have old cars lying around that they’ve just been too busy to deal with. Encouraging other and being involved yourself with getting these unused cars to charities can make a world of difference in someone’s life. This will benefit not only the person receiving, but also will give you a sense of well being and a possible tax deduction!

Goodwill Industries

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Whether your car is in perfect condition, barely sputters enough to start up or is devoid of wheels and the engine won’t start, there is a market for your auto donation. Charities are eager and ready to pick up your old, unused car in order to help a family in need.

Many charities accept cars old, new and used. They in turn use these car donations to benefit others. Parts from old, broken down cars can be sold and the money used to provide food, lodging or vehicle transport to a grateful receiver. New or working cars (whether they look new or not) are either given to those who need them, sold at a low price to underprivileged people or auctioned off to the highest bidder and the money redirected to room and board. Donating your car that you do not need anymore is a great way to contribute to society and attain an accomplished, humanitarian feeling! Charities also accept other household items which you may not need and are thinking of throwing out. They gladly accept all donations!

Another great company that puts on events and collects items for charity is Goodwill Industries. These kind, generous people have the privileged job of collecting your donated car good (cars, automotive parts, etc…) and deliberating the best use for them. Like other charities, Goodwill collects old, new or used cars and either auctions them off, sells them for low prices to less fortunate families or donates them to underprivileged individuals. Goodwill Industries not only collects your donated vehicles, they also gladly accept food, clothing, household items, collectibles and anything else that can be used secondhand. The important thing is that those who have not are being shared with.

Both Goodwill Industries also hold events in order to gain contributions and donations which can be used to benefit their intended receiving audience. We’ve all heard the saying “it is better to give than receive” and these two companies are sure doing a great job of that! Auto donation is just one of the ways these charities show their humanitarian efforts and share their love with the world.

Questions on Car Donations

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Do you have questions about car donation? It does not have to be a difficult process and there are so many ways you may qualify to donate your car at an auto donation event. There are many events and charities around the country where you can donate your car. Goodwill Industries is a excellent choices are operate on a purely donation basis. When donating your car, they will accept used, new, broken down and any other type of car you wish to donate. Here we will answer some commonly asked questions you may have about auto donation.

Q: What kind of events are there that allow me to donate items?
A: Goodwill Industries hold many events quite frequently. Information regarding dates and times for events is all available on their websites. The events may include but are not limited to car shows, auctions, car drives, shoe drives and clothing drives.

Q: Can I donate a car directly to these charities or must I go to an event?
A: You may do either. Many events are for the sole purpose of donation whether that be donating your car to charity or donating other items. Available on their websites are ways of donating your items. Free pickup of your car (whether working or not!) comes standard with some charities.

Q: Are there standards for what I can donate?
A: Not as far as cars are concerned! New, used, old, broken down or perfect condition, it does not matter! Your car donation can be used to sell parts for money or given directly to a grateful recipient. All donations are welcome and help even if in a small way.

This should clarify some misconceptions about vehicle donation. It really is a simple process whether you are looking into auto donation through an event or through the company directly. And you will be assured that your donation is greatly appreciated by those who receive the benefits of your generosity. Feel free to check out the two mentioned charity’s websites and visit their events with your friends or family. You may just find that donating a car is how you would like to contribute to society.

My Experience with a Charity Car Donation Event

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In recent years, Washington DC has gained quite a large number of people who participate in auto donations. I never knew this until I had my own run down car to deal with. Not knowing what to do with it, I resorted to looking at the usual possibilities. Trade-ins, selling your own car and junk yards are probably the most common forms of getting rid of unused vehicles, but I wanted to do something else.

Trade-ins didn’t provide a good alternative because it doesn’t pay much. It rarely is worth the hassle. Junk yards seem to be counter-productive because they take cars that still have useable parts and smash them. That didn’t seem very useful to me at all. Selling my own car wasn’t an option because I many obligations and I rarely have time to sleep, eat and breathe; much less try to sell my old car! That definitely was not an option for me.

I ended up going to a car auction event with my company and Goodwill Industries were showing what their charities did. They mentioned that not only do they accept clothes, canned foods and household items; they also accepted things such as old cars, rundown trucks and unused motors. Apparently these things are still useful even after much of them are worn down. Having never been to a charity event, I did not have the opportunity to learn this information before now.

I was grateful to have another option for my vehicle. Vehicle donation is one of the main ways many families across the USA are helped back onto their feet after a tragedy occurs. I decided I wanted to be a part of this and donated my car to charity. I am really glad that I did and I would recommend either of these aforementioned charities to anyone asking. Going to charity events such as the one I attended is a great way to learn of the opportunities these charities provide if you are looking to donate your car too. Car donation is quick, easy and perfect for the busy business type such as me.

How Participating In Car Donation or Auto Donation Event Can Benefit You

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All of us see advertisements for events, shows and donation rallies for the benefit of underprivileged people within our society but you may be wondering how these things can benefit you as well. How can vehicle donation be of mutual benefit to the person receiving the auto donation and the person donating the car? You’ll be happy to know there are several ways!

Nothing gives the human heart more satisfaction than helping out another person in need. We all fall into hard times and maybe donating your car will give you the accomplished feeling you have been missing. Hundreds of families and individuals have been given a second chance at life through the miracle of giving!

In addition to the warm, happy feelings of knowing you helped another fellow human being, you can receive tax deductions and benefits. This way, you are helping yourself while also helping another. If the charity you end up donating your car to sells your car for 3000 dollars, you are liable to receive up to 450 or 500 dollars off your taxes on a Federal level. Numbers will change depending on how your state does taxes, but we can all admit that 500 dollars is very handy when it comes to paying taxes!

Goodwill Industries proudly provide support to those in need and are able to help victims of life’s most foul plays. Being the recipient of a donated car can help an individual or even a family to get back on their feet and discover their means to a new life.

A final way you benefit from donating your car is the fact that you do not have to spend money on advertising or spend hours trying to find someone who will buy your car. You won’t have to worry about haggling over prices or trying to find time to actually get out there and sell the car, you car will be on its way to a family who wants it and needs it. Your car will be used to its full potential even after you are thoroughly done with it!

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