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Car Donations Are The Lifeblood Of Charity Fundraisers

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There is little doubt that America is the most generous nation on Earth, from our response to disasters such as the giant tsunami several years ago in the Far East, the giant chemical explosion in India, earthquake relief efforts the world over, and our massive foreign aid efforts to impoverished nations across the earth, especially in Africa. While most of  these lifesaving measures are determined by our politicians in Washington, charity really begins at home, and the local D.C. chapters of Charity Dispatch, and Goodwill Industries make sure that our local people in need get all the help possible, using car donation fundraisers as a key strategy to raise the necessary funds.

People donate cars to charity for more reasons than you might think. Some of these reasons include:

1. A car has been sitting idle for a year or two after a spouse has died. It is an older car that has little value, and the efforts required to sell it directly, and costs associated with advertising the sale are not worth going through the hassle of trying to sell it.

2. The dealership that a person is buying a new car through has made it clear that the car has very little trade-in value. The tax deduction you may claim for donating the car may be equal to or greater than that.

3. Goodwill has helped people you know, and you just want to give back to the people in your community with a car donation that will help fund these volunteer efforts.

Car Raffles Are A Great Way To Use Car Donations For Charity

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The big hearted spirit of Americans is being put to use in many clever ways to raise money for the down and out, the needy, the people in this great country who are temporarily down on their luck.

It would be a good guess that every organization with more than 100 members, be it a high school graduating class, a college fraternity or sorority, a church, an Elks Lodge or local Chamber of Commerce members, has within its own membership somebody who is in the automobile business. With a little ingenuity, this group should be able to come up with a donated car which can be raffled off, with the proceeds used to fund volunteer efforts of charities such as Goodwill Industries. The donated car does not have to be new, although raffles have been successfully held after working out a deal with a local car dealer, who graciously allows the car to be demonstrated off-premises before payment is made. Some dealers will donate a used car for free, knowing the karma from the car donation will come back to him many times over in the form of future sales to group members who are so thankful for the donation.

Group members then sell the raffle tickets, and rarely need to even go outside their own membership to sell enough tickets to raise the money needed to fund the charity efforts this country is famous for. In one instance I know of, the winner of the donated car then re-donated the car to charity, to be given away to a family in dire need. A true win-win if there ever was one.

Car Donation Fundraisers Can Be A Bash!

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Fundraisers for charity are a popular and highly necessary way for these charities to raise money. In tough economic times today, car donations are one of the easiest ways for people strapped for cash to still make a difference. I don’t know the when the first fundraiser was held using a car donation, but the first one I witnessed was held in Carthage Texas, in 1971. The car that was donated was worth 25 dollars, and the fundraiser employed a raffle and a sledgehammer!

Before you ask what in the heck a sledgehammer was used for in a fundraiser, let me set the stage. A local college student was badly injured in a car accident, and his family was going through a bad stretch, money wise. Hospital bills wiped them out, with no end to the bills in the foreseeable future. Some of his friends came up with a wacky way to help raise money for the bills, and a local car dealer donated an old trade in to the cause. The car was old and didn’t run well, but all the windows were intact, and the body undamaged.

Raffle tickets were sold for a dollar apiece, and many hundreds of people bought one for the chance to grab that sledgehammer and give that old beater a beating. That car donation actually helped save a young mans life, albeit in a rather unorthodox manner. And though modern fundraisers are quite tame in comparison, I must admit I was quite excited when my raffle ticket was the first one drawn!

Vehicle Donations: The Life You Save Might Be Your Own

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The Nightly News, no matter your station preference, was once a must see for the entire family, at least years and years ago as I was growing up. It was filled with human interest stories that were suitable for all, rated G for the most part. But now, “If it bleeds, it leads”, is the favorite saying among those responsible for the nightly horror stories we see on the tube today. Murder, carjacking, et al. Never is this more evident than when natural disaster or terrorist actions strike, and then we quit worrying about the nightly mayhem and do what we can to help, led by the volunteers of the Goodwill. You might already be among the many who have helped this angelic organization raise funds through a vehicle donation, whose proceeds can help Goodwill buy the supplies necessary for their life saving services.

Imagine, if you will, you have donated a vehicle and that the money acquired by selling that car or truck was used for life saving supplies and equipment for the Goodwill chapter in your home town, lets call it Washington D.C. And imagine a disaster such as a hurricane or, God forbid, a terrorist strike injuring thousands right there in D.C. Now imagine one of those injured is yourself. In todays world, it is not that far-fetched, is it?

The money raised with your generous and charitable vehicle donation might just save your OWN life. In a world where what goes around, comes around, that’s what I would call a perfect ending to a tragic set of circumstances.

Why Charities Use Fundraisers for Car Donations

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Charities use fundraisers to run or assist with running many of their programs. Fundraisers are professionals who market charities in order to raise funds to allow a charity to continue with its work. The fundraisers who handle vehicle donations handle advertising for the program in addition to dealing with the retrieval of vehicle donations and the sale and paperwork of donated cars.

When you see an advertisement for auto donation in a newspaper, on television or on a billboard, it is likely it was placed by the fundraiser. Although charities may place their own advertisements as well, the fundraiser, who works with several different charities, will place many advertisements in different media outlets. These advertisements will deal only with car donation. They may provide a list of charities they work with so that when you donate a car, you will be able to specify which charity will receive the proceeds.

Fundraisers co-ordinate all aspects of vehicle donation programs. This allows the employees and volunteers of the charity to work with the beneficiaries of their programs, instead of getting bogged down with the funding aspects of non profits. The exposure from advertising is multiplied with fundraisers, but the cost to the charity is not increased.

When you donate your car to a charity, it is probably because you have seen an advertisement placed by a fundraiser. When you call to make the donation, it is an employee of the fundraiser who answers your call and arranges for pick up of your used car. The fundraiser deals with transfer of title or arranging for a salvage title through the state department of motor vehicles. The auctions at which the cars are sold are arranged by the fundraiser.

The work of fundraisers keeps the administrative costs of the charity lower. The fee charged by the fundraiser is less than an individual charity would have to spend to provide these services for themselves. A recent investigation into vehicle donation programs indicated that, on average, charities receive more than half of the total proceeds from the sale of each car. When you donate a used car to your favorite charity it helps keep your charity funded so it can continue its work.

Vehicle Donation Fundraising Events

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Fundraisers are an extremely important aspect of the vehicle donation process. This is the reason that there are so many different individuals lately getting involved with these great programs. They can be truly effective in providing charities like Goodwill Industries with the resources they need to help individuals in need.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that there is a ton of people these days all across the country that do not have a vehicle. Some need a vehicle for transportation in order to work and look after their children and simply cannot afford one on their own. However with the help of vehicle donation fundraisers these people can have access to what they need. This is why it is so important for everyone to know about their options when it comes to donating your vehicles that are no longer in use.

The process of donating your vehicle to a charitable organization is, not only one that benefits others, it can also benefit you. There are tons of people that have old vehicles just sitting around taking up space. Often these vehicles are not even running and would cost money to dispose of through traditional methods. By donating your vehicle to a charity you can have it picked up for no cost to you and benefit from knowing that you are helping someone in need. On top of that, you will also have access to a tax deduction that often proves to be more valuable than what the vehicle is currently worth. These are the main reasons that so many people have been taking advantage of these services.

If you have been considering utilizing traditional methods of disposing your vehicle, think again. In many situations this will end up costing you money, especially if your vehicle isn’t in running order. The process with a charity will not cost you any money at all, and the vehicle will be picked up within 48 hours. With this combination of convenience and the fact that you will be helping others makes the process desirable to so many different vehicle owners.

How Auto Donation Works

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You may have wondered how auto donations raise funds for charities. Charities are not in the auto business, so what do they do with your car? Most charities use fund raisers to handle vehicle donation. The fund raiser usually works with many charities who receive cars as donations. They handle the paperwork associated with auto sales and salvage, and arrange for the actual sale of the vehicle. Following the sale, they deduct the cost of processing and their fee, and send the balance to the charity specified by the donor. If no charity is specified, the proceeds are split among all the charities who work with the fund raiser.

Some large charities may do the fund raising job themselves and even handle auto donation fund raising for other charities. However, most charities prefer to deal through fund raisers who handle the time consuming paperwork and other details for a fee. Fund raisers are for-profit companies, but the charities that depend on them would not be able to benefit from car donation without them.

If charities were to attempt to handle these donation programs themselves, they would have to buy tow trucks, hire drivers and pay someone to handle the paper work required by state governments for the transfer of vehicle ownership. The cost to the charity would likely be greater than the cost incurred by using a fund raiser.

Fund raisers allow you to choose the charity to benefit when you donate your car. Charities involved in auto donation programs report that they receive between 20% and 80% of their total funding from these programs. Without the proceeds from these programs, some charities would be unable to continue their work. The work of fund raisers benefits the charities and the donors. Fund raisers are able to arrange for quick pick up when you donate a car.

If you want to donate your car to a particular charity, you can call a fund raiser and ask if you can donate through them, or you can call the charity and ask which fund raiser they use. Most charities will be happy to refer you to their fund raiser.

Fundraising with Vehicle Donation

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With the economy in the state that it is in these days, the work that Goodwill Industries is doing is more important than ever. There are so many individuals that are in need of a vehicle, and donation programs in place by these charities are making it possible. This is why so many people are interested in getting more information about the process.

Many individuals have vehicles that are in a state of disrepair that they may have considered useless. However this is not necessarily always true as these charitable vehicle donations often accept vehicles that are no longer running. This is because these charities will auction off the vehicles or fix them in order to donate them to those that desperately need them. This provides a great alternative to those that were considering the junkyard.

The great news about donating your car is that, not only will you be helping out someone in need. You will also be able to benefit yourself from the tax credits that are provided to people who donate. This can often be worth much more to many individuals than they would have received for selling the vehicle.

These fundraisers that are held in order to raise money for these charities are truly the most effective way to get cars to the people who need them. They have proven to be a win-win situation for everyone involved and something that many more people have become interested in lately.

The majority of people that have vehicles they no longer need will end up utilizing a scrap yard. The fact of the matter is that this can sometimes end up costing you time, effort, and money. This is especially true if the vehicle is no longer in working order. With car donation charities, on the other hand, the entire process is free including the pickup of your vehicle. This has been the obvious choice for so many people as scrap yards often charge a fee if your vehicle isn’t running.

Fundraisers Support Charities

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Fundraisers are for profit companies that work with nonprofit corporations and assist in raising donations to support the work of the nonprofit. Although fundraisers are paid for their work, without their efforts, many non profits would have to close their doors. The work of fundraisers in vehicle donation programs is especially crucial.

The cost of running an auto donation program is prohibitive for many non profits. Buying the necessary equipment, hiring personnel and handling clerical tasks involving auto donation would not allow for a return on the program. By working with several charities and providing services to all of them, the fundraiser is able to make a small profit while the charity can benefit from a major source of donations. Some larger charities may handle vehicle donations themselves, but for most non profits the fundraiser provides the only avenue of profitability for these donations.

When you donate your car to a charity, it will be handled, in most cases by a fundraiser who has contracted with the charity to provide the service. The fundraiser provides the tow truck, car auctions and does the paperwork associated with these gifts, allowing the charity to receive the majority of the donation and continue with their important work. In most cases, after the expenses are paid and the fundraiser receives their fee, the charity receives nearly 50% of the sale of the vehicle. That amount is often more than the average cash donation.

You may not like the idea of a fundraiser being paid for this work, but the truth is that, without fundraisers, many charities would have to shut their doors. Fundraisers provide advertising services and often provide news releases as well, keeping a charity’s name in the public eye. If you had never heard of Goodwill Industries, how would you know they needed donations? Fundraisers support their charities by letting people know about them and their work.

When you donate your used car to charity, be assured that the fundraiser will do everything possible to maximize the sales price and allow the charity to reap as much of your donation as possible.

Auto Donation Fundraisers

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Fundraisers are private companies that work with nonprofit organizations to assist them in raising money through various programs. By working with several charities, fundraisers are able to provide advertising and other services that would be prohibitively expensive for individual charities to provide for themselves.

Fundraisers are key events when it comes to vehicle donation programs. They provide towing services, auto auctions and clerical support for the charities who work with them. Individual charities would not be able to use car donation programs without them, as the cost of providing the necessary equipment and personnel would be greater than the proceeds of sales.

In addition, fundraisers provide advertising through newspapers, television, radio and the Internet to bring attention to the charities’ programs. When you donate a used car to a charity, the fundraiser handles the details of the pickup and sale, and the charity receives the proceeds, less the cost of title transfer and the fundraiser’s fee. In most cases, 40% to 60% of the proceeds of the sale go to the charity.

The convenience of having your car picked up within 24 to 48 hours after you contact your charity program to make the donation is possible due to fundraisers. They are aware of the tax laws and will provide you with the correct forms for your deductible contribution. Since fundraisers work with several charities, you can donate your car to a particular charity or you can allow all the charities supported by the fundraiser to share in the proceeds.

The gift of your donated used car is important to charities today. Many receive between 20% and 80% of their funding through these programs. With the economy in a serious downturn, cash donations are less available while the demand for charitable services is rising. If you have a car that you are not using, whether it is running or not, consider using it as a donation to a charity that provides important services in your community.

Fundraisers provide vital services to charities by allowing them to participate in auto donation programs regardless of the size of their organization. Many deserving charities could not continue to function without their services.

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