It’s become somewhat commonplace for charities to put all of their eggs in one very big basket. When they want to fund some of their bigger, more ambitious programs, they are turning first to their bread and butter. Just ask Goodwill Industries, which earlier this year announced one of their new programs. The idea behind the program is to help make families happier by moving them from poor housing situations into new homes. The idea in itself is quite noble, but it wouldn’t be worth much without the backing of the charity’s vehicle donation program.

This month, they have been advertising and asking people to donate a car in order to help make this new housing program a reality. This is happening all over the country, as Goodwill has done its best to promote these startup programs in just about every region. What does that mean if you want to donate your car to charity? In the past, one of the programs that many people had with vehicle donation is that they did not know exactly what their donated funds were going to help. Now, they are directed auto donations that are going directly to those people who are less fortunate.

Goodwill Industries and similar charities, have found some success lately, due mostly to their strong emphasis on advertising the new programs. With people being able to see where auto donations are heading, they are more likely to donate a car to charity. Charities seem to be going to the well often and they don’t seem to be worried about the struggling economy, which was originally thought to have some impact on the work of the charities. What they have found, at least with vehicle donation, is that individuals are more likely to seek ways to relieve their tax burden in hard times.

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