That old truck that has been sitting around, seemingly forever, in your driveway or yard may not look like much. You may be thinking it would embarrass you to donate it to charity because it has a dent or two, and the upholstery has seen better days. But there are people here in this country who would love to have it, no matter what it looks like, so don’t let your truck’s looks stop you from calling Charity Dispatch here in D.C at 866-829-2918 and letting them help you with the logistics of donating your truck to Goodwill Industries.

Goodwill is the incredible organization that helps a million or more people each year with job training and believe me, they can put your truck donation to good use. So many people who need a vehicle to get to and from work don’t have the funds to buy one, and the truck you are not using, and most likely never will again, will be a godsend for a family currently in a dire situation. Even if your truck needs a little fixing up, Goodwill will more than happy to accept your donation.

You may be one of millions around the country who work the graveyard shift, and your normal sleeping hours occur during the day. This is where the good people at the D.C. branch of Charity Dispatch come in to play, answering your call before or after normal business hours, arranging the logistics for the free towing of your donated truck, ensuring that another family may benefit from your generosity.

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