I just recently graduated from college and I’m moving to a new city to start my career. Its been a bittersweet transition so far and one of the most unexpected yet hardest things that I’ve had to do is donate my car. I’ve had the same car since I started driving in high school and we’ve been through it all so needless to say parting ways with my battered baby wasn’t easy. So I called around and went online looking for charities in my area that accepted car donations and put the donated vehicles to good use. First, all I could find was about a million and one junkyards and I briefly considered selling my car but then I found charity dispatch. The website was pretty cool and easy to read , so I decided to call the number and the top of the page and get the vehicle donation process started.

It was super easy, the entire thing took maybe five minutes, they ask you a series of questions about the car and your contact information and that’s it, all that’s left to do is wait for a call from the tow company. When they called and we scheduled a time I felt good about my decision to donate my car. That is until the driver arrived and I started crying when I handed him the title (embarrassing I know!), oh how I loved that car. It was such a big part of my life but now it can be a big part of someone else’s life and hopefully be of good use to them. Now enough about my emotional car moments back to vehicle donation, the process is quick, easy and relatively painless so give it try. Oh and I forgot to mention you also get a tax deduction…sweet!

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