Like most smart people, when I have a major choice, I like to look at all of the alternatives. I like to consider the pros and cons of my decision and make the best choice from that information. When I think about donating a car to charity, it is worth considering some of the alternatives there. After all, charitable giving has its benefits outside of pure monetary value, but I want to make sure I am being financially responsible, as well.

The charitable organizations out there like Goodwill Industries have taken great care to educate people about all of the choices. Though they might sometimes present only one side of the information, the facts are still relevant. The thing that you must know about the car industry is that you can’t get much value for a trade-in. This is one of those alternatives to car donation that people sometimes consider. Know that trading in a car will get you a discount on your new purchase, but not much more than that.

Another alternative to charitable vehicle donation is selling the car yourself. As you might know, selling a vehicle can be time consuming and it can cost money. You have to spend money to fix up the car a little bit and you have to spend valuable time to meet with prospective buyers and file away paperwork. When you donate your car to charity, you are putting all of that burdensome work on someone else. They will take care of the difficult part for you, leaving you free to do whatever it is that you do to bring home an income. This is major part of vehicle donation that people don’t consider nearly enough. When you add in the fact that charities pay to have the vehicle processed from your home, it makes the decision a no-brainer in many instances.

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