When you are out cruising in that old truck you’ve been thinking about donating to Goodwill, with your two dogs in the back, you are not privy to the conversation that goes on between the two, but if you were, the conversation probably goes something like this:

SPOT: Hey, Rover, how’s that bump on your noggin? Looks like the swelling has gone down a little.

ROVER: Yeah, the head’s okay. Lucky that rock that flew up from the back wheel of that semi was just marble sized, and it was just a glancing blow.

SPOT: I’m tellin’ ya, dude, you gotta keep your head tucked behind the cab when Pop is doing 90. One of these days a big one is gonna hit you full on, and you’ll end up looking like Ralphie, that Boxer next door.

ROVER: Ralphie ain’t a Boxer. He’s a Doberman who was riding in the back of that F-150 when his Pop slammed on the brakes. Ralphie did a Nose Plow right into the back of the cab window. His girlfriend now calls him “accordion face”.

 SPOT: Oh, you mean that little Poodle, Missy?

ROVER: Yeah, that lucky little minx. Her Mom lets her ride in the front seat and stick her nose out the window when they drive the Cadillac.

SPOT:  We could do that if Pop would donate this truck to Goodwill and get a car. I’m tired of these metal splinters from sliding on the bed of this rust-bucket.

ROVER: Good idea. I’ll chew up the upholstery tonight. Then maybe Pop will call Goodwill so they can come and tow this junker away!

 SPOT: I wanna chew the upholstery!

Just save the upholstery. Make the call. Your dogs, who are already quarreling about who rides shotgun, and Goodwill, will love you for it.

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